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Hamamelis Intermedia Pallida

Hamamelis Intermedia Pallida or Witch Hazel has beautiful fragrant flowers during the winter months, flowering shrubs for sale online UK
Hamamelis Intermedia Pallida or Witch Hazel
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Plant shape: Bush
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Hamamelis Intermedia Pallida, Witch Hazel Pallida
Hamamelis Intermedia Pallida, a striking variety of Witch Hazel also known as Hamamelis Mollis Pallida, is best known for its unusual winter blossoms. Offering multiple seasons of interest, this large deciduous shrub is ideal for planting in mixed shrub borders or informal hedges.

Most often grown for its winter interest, Witch Hazel Pallida produces masses of scented, bright yellow flowers during the colder months of the year. Each of the long-lasting flowers has 4 strap-like petals that are crinkled, typical for Hamamelis varieties. However, the Pallida cultivars blossom more profusely than its close relatives. The flowering season ends in late winter when the blossoms make way for foliage. Broad, oval leaves unfold green, early in the spring. The foliage has good autumn colour, turning to golden yellow shades in autumn. 

Easy to grow and to care for, Hamamelis Intermedia Pallida thrives in almost any type of soil but chalk, as long as it is well-drained, and it tolerates both full sun and partial shade. For best performance, plant this cultivar in a slightly acidic, nutrient-rich soil. To encourage prolific flowering, pick a sunny location. Considered generally pest and disease free. A robust and adaptable cultivar, Witch Hazel Pallida is fully hardy in the United Kingdom. You will be able to enjoy this large shrub’s beautiful blossoms even if the winter temperatures drop to 15 degrees below zero. As this is the one of the finest varieties of Hamamelis, it comes as no surprise that it has an Award of Garden Merit by Royal Horticultural Society. When fully mature, this shrub can achieve 4 metres in width and height. With a bushy habit and a spreading crown, the vase shape of this deciduous shrub is easy to maintain. Annual spring pruning will keep your plant healthy and looking neat. To prevent Witch Hazel Pallida from spreading over your flower beds, regularly remove root suckers.

A showy winter-flowering shrub, Hamamelis Intermedia Pallida will add winter colour to your garden. With multiple seasons of interest and easy maintenance, this large deciduous shrub is a great choice for any garden, whether as an addition to a mixed shrub border, planted en masse as a hedge, or grown as a focus of interest. You might also be interested in other winter-flowering shrubs we have for sale, including Chimonanthus Praecox Wintersweet, Edgeworthia Chrysantha Grandiflora or Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis.

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