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Hippophae Rhamnoides Sea Buckthorn

Hippophae Rhamnoides or Sea Buckthorn has beautiful orange berries, very decorative shrub, buy UK
Hippophae Rhamnoides or Sea Buckthorn orange berries
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Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 30 Litres

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Hippophae Rhamnoides, more commonly known as Sea Buckthorn, is a spiky, deciduous shrub prized for its hardiness and striking orange fruit or berries. Able to withstand strong winds and salt spray, this ornamental shrub is ideal for coastal gardens.
Narrow, silvery leaves emerge on thorny branches in the early spring. The willow-like foliage keeps its colour until it drops late in the autumn. Not long after, the tiny, yellow flowers unfold. Although too small to be really appreciated, the blossoms attract pollinators, before ripening into masses of plump orange berries. Bright and showy, the berries hang in egg-shaped clusters. The berries offer winter interest, staying on the bare twigs throughout the cold months. Besides their ornamental value, Sea Buckthorn berries are prized for nutritional and medicinal qualities.
Naturally occurring by the seaside and on sand dunes, this thorny, dioecious shrub easily adapts to a variety of conditions. From nutritionally poor soil, eroded and salty soil to loam and sand, Sea Buckthorn isn’t picky about the location. However, it won’t tolerate any shade and needs to be planted in a sunny spot.
A European native, this deciduous shrub won’t mind even if the temperatures drop well below -20 degrees. Fully hardy in Britain and Ireland, Sea Buckthorn is frost and wind resistant, which is why it is often found in coastal gardens throughout the UK. Easy to grow, this bushy shrub has no known problems with common pests and diseases and doesn’t require hard pruning.
Fast-growing and long-lived, Sea Buckthorn can grow to be 2 to 8 metres tall and wide, when fully mature, but the established specimens rarely go over 4 metres in height.
The innate qualities of this spiky shrub make it ideal for seaside gardens, where it is often planted en masse, in a hedge or a border, or serving as a windbreak. It can also be grown as a tree. Its resistance to salty, strong winds and tolerance of poor soil and stiff, upright branches are ideal for maritime conditions. Low-maintenance and hardy, Sea Buckthorn makes a sturdy, fuss-free hedge with year-round interest and edible fruit.

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