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Hydrangea Quercifolia

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Hydrangea Quercifolia shrubs for sale online, UK Hydrangea Quercifolia and lots of Hydrangea varieties for sale online UK Hydrangea Specialist plant centre, London UK
Hydrangea Quercifolia, Oak Leaved Hydrangea for sale online at our London plant centre, UK
Hydrangea Quercifolia Deciduous Shrub
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Height Excluding Pot:
1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 1057 2
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Hydrangea Quercifolia

This image displays plant 1-1.25 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
3ft 3-4ft 1

Pot size: 20 Litres

Was £140.00
30% Off - Now £98.00
Was £140.00
30% Off - Now £98.00
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Hydrangea Quercifolia known as Oak Leaved Hydrangea a low growing wide spreading Hydrangea, a deciduous shrub producing showy white flowers mid Summer, these flowers gradually change to a beautiful shade of pale pink as the flowers mature.

The large coarsely textured foliage has fantastic autumn colour of vibrant red and purple. The Oak Leaved Hydrangea prefers to be planted in partial shade or sun in a generally sheltered position and needs plenty of water when it's first planted. To get the best show of foliage and flowers choose a shadier position, remember this is a woodland plant naturally and it does respond best when planted in this type of setting with the roots kept moist and with shade from the canopy. Although this particular variety of Hydrangea will cope with some degree of drought once it is firmly established.


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Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Plant shape: Snowflake variety
Pot size: 10 Litres
Plant ID: 3365 65
Was £125.00
30% Off - Now £87.50
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Hydrangea Quercifolia blooms change to pink as they mature
Hydrangea Quercifolia In Bloom
Hydrangea Quercifolia Young White Flowers