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Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans Cupressus Leylandii Hedging

Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans Cupressus Leylandii for Hedging
Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 10 Litres

Hedge Guide: 5 Plants/Mtr

Plant ID: 10383 64

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Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans Cupressus Leylandii
Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans hedging shrubs are dense, fast-growing evergreens with an unusual blue-green foliage colour.

Leyland Cypress is a popular evergreen conifer in the UK. The variety Blue Jeans is similar but rather than mid-green its foliage is steely-blue. Sprays of fluffy foliage made of many softly pointed leaves grow in flattened sprays from its branches. In spring the new growth is slightly paler than mature foliage and small brown cones may appear in autumn if left unclipped. The density of this attractive evergreen conifer makes it an excellent hedging shrub, as it grows quickly to create a thick privacy screen or windbreak.

Blue Jeans can also be shaped and clipped into unusual topiary forms – see our Leyland Cypress Blue Jean Topiary Spirals.

Height and Spread of Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans
Cupressus Leylandii Blue Jeans is a good choice of hedge because it grows quickly to a height of 4-5 metres and can reach 1-2 metres across. It should be trimmed at least twice a year to maintain a manageable height.

How Hardy Is Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans
Cupressus Leylandii Blue Jeans is extremely hardy. It withstands sub-zero temperatures and exposed conditions including coastal sprays if the roots are well-drained. Once established it is drought tolerant and copes well with pollution.

How To Use Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans
You’ll struggle to find a thicker, faster-growing screen than Leyland Cypress. Blue Jeans can grow up to 90 cm a year in good soil which creates a privacy screen faster than most other hedging shrubs.
These hedging shrubs also create a sturdy windbreak near a seating area or protect tender gardens from harsh conditions.
If your garden tends to the green side, Blue Jeans brings welcome evergreen colour with its year-round blue foliage.

How To Care For Leyland Cypress Blue Jeans
Once established Cupressus Leylandii Blue Jeans needs little care. Its best grown in full sun to partial shade in any type of fertile soil but you should water well until established.  Container grown Blue Jeans will need regular watering throughout the summer months as it’s a thirsty plant and the container will dry out quickly. Trim Leyland Conifers twice a year with your usual garden shears to keep the height manageable.

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