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Lophomyrtus Red Dragon Myrtle

Lophomyrtus Red Dragon Myrtle
Lophomyrtus Red Dragon Myrtle, a striking evergreen grown for its blood-red foliage.
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 10456 2

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Lophomyrtus Red Dragon or Red Dragon Myrtle, as it is also known, is an ornamental evergreen shrub. This particular member of the Myrtle family is prized for its unusual foliage that boasts a striking red colour and interesting texture. The small leaves unfold as olive green but mature to a deep crimson with purple hues. In August to September, this attractive red-leaved evergreen shrub offers a further layer of  interest - a profusion of small white blossoms. The flowers appear on mature specimens and have a pleasant scent.

Full botanical name of this variety is Lophomyrtus x Ralphii Red Dragon, but you might also find it under other names such Lophomyrtus Ralphii Red Dragon, Myrtus Ralphii Red Dragon, or Myrtus Red Dragon.

Height and Spread of Lophomyrtus Red Dragon
Due to its compact size, this lovely evergreen shrub will fit into most gardens. The ultimate size of  Lophomyrtus Red Dragon in 5 years will be 1.5 metres in height and circa 1.2 metres in width.

How Hardy is Lophomyrtus Red Dragon
Plants from Myrtle family originated in New Zealand, and prefer milder climates. Lophomyrtus Red Dragon is hardy in the United Kingdom, particularly in areas where winter temperatures are not too severe. This flowering shrub is also salt tolerant and suitable for maritime exposure.

How To Use Lophomyrtus Red Dragon
With its dense growth habit and highly-decorative appearance, Red Dragon Myrtle is a welcome addition to any landscape and is an excellent contrast shrub. Most commonly, these interesting evergreen shrubs are used for low-growing hedging, when planted en masse or to add contrast and texture to mixed shrub borders.

Additionally, you can grow this evergreen shrub in large pots and enjoy their crimson foliage even outside the garden. Use this magnificent plant with year-round interest to introduce colour to your patio, balcony or rooftop garden. Plant a pair of these beautiful shrubs in containers and use them as colourful entryway plants.

How To Care for Lophomyrtus Red Dragon
Although this evergreen shrub is not a native plant, it is not too demanding when it comes to care. Red Dragon Myrtle tolerates partial shade but is best grown in full sun, as it will promote a more vibrant colour of the foliage. As for the soil, grow this cultivar in any well-drained soil and it will thrive. Young plants are best protected from heavy frosts until established.

Pruning is not really necessary unless you are growing Myrtle as a low hedge. In this case, its best to prune in mid summer.

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