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Malus Domestica Bramleys Seedling

Malus Domestica Bramleys Seedling Fan Trained Apple Trees to buy online with UK and Ireland delivery.
Malus Domestica Bramleys Seedling, Fan Trained Apple Trees
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Height Excluding Pot:
2.75-3m (9ft 0-9ft 10)

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 5349 80
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Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling Fan Trained Apple Trees

Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling is one of the best known cooking apple varieties in the UK. It’s also known as Apple Malus Bramley's Seedling or simply a Bramley cooker. They are very vigorous trees and left to their own devices quickly take up a good deal of room. A Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling fan trained against a sunny wall is the perfect way to grow this fruit tree in a smaller garden.
In springtime Apple Malus Bramley’s seedling is smothered in dark pink apple blossom that’s extremely attractive. The blossom gradually turns into the fruit we all know with apples ripening in autumn. As autumn progresses Malus Domestica Bramley’s Seedling leaves change to red and yellow autumn colours before falling - there’s interest for the majority of seasons, not only picking fruit in autumn. 

How Hardy Is A Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling?
Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling is hardy in all of the UK. It prefers the moist well-drained soils of loam, clay or sand. It’s best to avoid poorly drained or shallow soil.

How To Use Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling 
The best position for a fan trained Apple Malus Bramley's Seedling is against a sunny wall which is sheltered. You can grow them in deep well watered pots too.
Bramley's Seedling is best grown with another apple trees nearby for proper pollination. You won’t always need other trees because passing insects may have visited apples trees in other locations, but it’s a good idea if you want to grow yours for fruit.
A fan trained Bramley is not only decorative it also allows more light through the branches, which encourages better growth and more sweetness. It easier to protect a fan trained specimen from frosts and birds too. 

How To Care For Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling 
Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling needs a sheltered site with full sun. The best place is a south or southwest facing wall. You can easily manage the height and spread of a fan trained apple tree with pruning, but do this in winter so you don’t remove any buds.
Once your fan trained Bramley is established it will need little care. Protection from early frosts is important and some water in dry spells will encourage fruits to swell. 

If you have a small garden with a sunny wall, Malus Domestica Bramley's Seedling fan trained is the perfect choice. The RHS has granted Apple Malus Bramley's Seedling the Award of Garden Merit and it’s the most popular cooking apple around.  Although the fruits are edible on this variety, it has lots of ornamental interest, such as showy spring blossom and good autumn colour.

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