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Paramount Plants Mycorrhizal Fungi Granules

Paramount Plants Mycorrhizal Fungi Granules for Sale Online
Paramount Plants Mycorrhizal Fungi Granules
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Pouch: 5 Gram

Product Type: Soil Improver 5g Treats 1 Tree

Plant ID: 10608 W 42

Price: £3.99

Pouch: 150 Gram

Product Type: Soil Improver 150g TREATS 5 TREES PER PACK

Plant ID: 10164 WC 42

Price: £7.99
Buy 5 for £36.00

Bag: 1 Kg

Product Type: Soil Improver 1Kg Treats Approx. 15 Trees

Plant ID: 10144 WC 42

Price: £29.99
Buy 2 for £50.00

There are many useful micro-organisms that occur naturally or live in the soil. One of these is beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, a natural and organic supplement to plant health and soil management that is highly effective. The results of the application will mean better plant establishment, better drought tolerance, and all-around healthier plants. These fungi provide the soil with a critical part of the soil food web, encouraging healthy soil while avoiding the use of any chemicals and adding only natural products that are scientifically proven to provide better resistance to pests and diseases.

Paramount Plants Professional Range Mycorrhizal Fungi Granules
Here at Paramount Plants, we have developed our own brand of Mycorrhizal Fungi granules, which will play an important role in helping young plants become established. Paramount Plants Mycorrhizal Fungi granules contain Mycorrhizae, Fungi, Bacteria plus Biostimulants. Applied at the time of planting, these granules are ideal for use with trees, shrubs, and vegetables.

What are Mycorrhizal Fungi?
Essentially it is a beneficial micro-organism. Mycorrhizal Fungi live by attaching themselves to the roots of plants. In what’s generally referred to as a symbiotic relationship, mycorrhizal fungi work in harmony with the plant by helping it to absorb more water and nutrients from the soil. In return, the plant provides food for the fungi.

How does Mycorrhizal Fungi benefit the plant?
Mycorrhizal Fungi in the soil act as extensions to the root hair system of the plant.
The surface area taken up by the fungi tends to be much larger than the area taken up by the roots of the plant, therefore the fungi are effectively able to extend the feeding area of the plant.
Mycorrhizal Fungi are fragile and are very sensitive to fungicides. They prefer soil that is not disturbed and so they thrive in gardens where not much digging is done and those with a high organic content in the soil.

When to Use Paramount Plants Mycorrhizal Fungi Granules (application)
Use these granules as part of your essential soil management program and as an essential part of your planting regime when planting new trees, shrubs, or vegetables in your garden.
Always Apply Paramount Plants Mycorrhizal Fungi to new plants.
Application – Apply 30 grams per Square Metre for Trees, Shrubs, and Vegetables.
Make sure to water after applying to the soil. This will activate the microbes.

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