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Malus Rudolph - Crab Apple Tree

Malus Rudolph Crab Apple, upright crab apple with red-pink flowers in late spring. Leaves initially copper-red turn green in summer then red-yellow autumn fruit
Malus Rudolph Crab Apple showing red-pink blossom in late spring
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Plant ID: 4313 A 100

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Malus Rudolph Crab Apple
Malus Rudolph, or Crab Apple Rudolph, is a cultivar introduced from Canada in 1954, named for Santa’s famous reindeer Rudolph. In late spring, the branches of this deciduous tree are smothered by an abundance of fragrant, deep pink flowers bursting forth from bright red buds. The leaves appear after the flowers have faded, sporting rich shades of copper-red before turning dark green in summer, and then bright yellow in autumn, when they are accompanied by the ripe crab apples, orange-yellow with a blush of red. The crab apple fruit can be used in cooking, or left on the tree to feed birds and wildlife into the winter months.

Height and Spread of Malus Rudolph
Malus Rudolph will grow to a mature height and spread of 4-8 metres in 10 to 20 years, although it can be trimmed to maintain a smaller size. It has an neat upright growth habit. 

How Hardy Is Malus Rudolph?
Malus Rudolph is fully hardy in all regions of the UK and across northern Europe.

How to Use Malus Rudolph
Malus Rudolph can be used as a focal point in a medium sized lawn, where its spring blossom show, striking leaves and autumn fruit will provide a long season of interest. In a courtyard garden, the summer shade will be as welcome as the spring flowers! On a larger property, a group of Crab Apple Rudolph trees would be an even more magnificent sight. Planted as part of a mixed border, the blossoms will complement spring-flowering bulbs and plants, as well as provide shade in the heat of summer before the autumn show of foliage and fruit. Malus Rudolph can also be pruned and trained as an espalier specimen against a wall or as a living fence.

How to Care for Malus Rudolph
Plant Malus Rudolph in full sun or partial shade in an exposed or sheltered position in any well-drained soil. The foliage colour will be better in full sun. It will tolerate a wetter soil than other crab apple cultivars. It is not tolerant of salt, so should be placed in a sheltered spot near a sea coast. However, it is highly tolerant of urban pollution, so can be used even in inner-city locations. In areas where rabbits and deer can be a problem, protect against winter damage.

Malus Rudolph will provide interest in your garden throughout the year, from its spring blossoms to its colourful foliage and through to the decorative fruits of early winter! We also Malus Rudolph as a Pleached Tree on 2 metre clear stems. 

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