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Miscanthus Sinensis Malepartus Maiden Grass

Miscanthus Sinensis Malepartus is a beautiful ornamental grass reaching 2 metres in height with pale pink flower heads buy online with UK delivery.
Miscanthus Sinensis Malepartus
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Height Excluding Pot: 30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Pot size: 5 Litres

Plant ID: 8950 1

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Miscanthus Sinensis Malepartus, also known as Eulalia Malepartus or Maiden Grass, is a free-flowering ornamental grass. An early bloomer, this deciduous grass is prized for its striking plumes that offer multiple seasons of interest. Maiden Grass is also the recipient of the prestigious Award Of Garden Merit by Royal Horticultural Society, a sure sign of a great performance in the garden.

The glossy, green leaves are blade-like and arching, forming a graceful tufted mound. In Autumn, the foliage turns to warm, vivid shades of orange and red, beautifully contrasting with the delicate blossoms. Held high above the foliage, the striking and unusual plumes are the most impressive feature of this ornamental grass. Unlike most Miscanthus varieties, whose flowering season begins in the autumn, Maiden Grass blooms in late summer. Starting out as rich pink, the abundant plumes turn to pale silver tones as the winter approaches. 

Undemanding, Eulalia Malepartus thrives in any moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil in a sunny location. Once established, this ornamental grass is also drought and salt tolerant, making it an excellent choice for coastal gardens as well. Not bothered even if the temperatures drop 20 degrees below zero, Miscanthus Sinensis Malepartus is fully hardy throughout the United Kingdom. However, it will benefit when sheltered from excessive winter wet. Generally pest and disease free, this ornamental grass is considered to be tough and robust. Once established, Miscanthus Sinensis Malepartus can grow to be up to 2 metres high and 1.5 metres across.  Although vigorous, Maiden Grass does not require extensive maintenance to stay in shape. Responds well to hard pruning and cutting back in the late winter. 

With its fine, elegant plumes and graceful foliage, Eulalia Malepartus brings sophistication to any garden. The light, delicate leaves, and blossoms will sway in the wind, creating a mesmerizing display. Versatile and adaptable, Miscanthus Sinensis Malepartus Maiden Grass can be used as an accent plant, or planted en masse for screening purposes. The striking, colour-changing plumes offer interest for better part of the year and enable this floriferous grass to be in the center of the attention, even when planted in mixed borders. If you have a smaller garden, consider planting this cultivar in a prominent, sunny spot, where you’ll be able to fully appreciate its stunning features. You might be interested  to take a look at our complete selection of ornamental grasses we have for sale.

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