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Miscanthus Sinensis var Purpurascens Grass

Miscanthus Sinensis var Purpurascens is also known as maiden grass purpurascens, a stunning ornamental grass, buy online UK delivery.
Miscanthus Sinensis var Purpurascens
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 10 Litres

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Miscanthus Sinensis var. Purpurascens or Miscanthus Purpurascens or Maiden Grass, is a striking, low maintenance ornamental grass. This is a hardy perennial deciduous grass which provides year-round interest. Its new growth emerges fairly late in spring with arching green leaves in a tight clump. In summer the foliage turns a purple-green colour, with pink ribs, and then transforms to a bright orange-red in autumn, before finally fading to beige for the winter months. The flower stalks shoot up above the leaves in late summer, producing red-tinged or pink flowers which fade to white. Both the leaves and flowers of Miscanthus Purpurascens provide valuable winter interest in the garden before being cut down in spring.

Hardy in most parts of the UK, Miscanthus Sinensis var. Purpurascens will grow to a height of 1.5 metres and spread of 1 metre in 2 to 5 years. Cut last year’s foliage back to ground level in spring before the new growth emerges. Space Miscanthus Sinensis var. Purpurascens plants 60 - 100 cm apart when planting in a row or grouping.

Plant Miscanthus Sinensis var. Purpurascens in full sun in any well-drained or moist but well-drained soil. Avoid locations where the soil remains wet in winter. Disease and pest-free, and tolerant of both salt and pollution, this landscape plant is an ideal choice for coastal and city gardens alike, and since Miscanthus Purpurascens is both deer and rabbit resistant, country gardeners will find it almost care-free as well!

Miscanthus Purpurascens is well suited to container cultivation, making it an excellent specimen plant on a roof terrace or patio or in a courtyard, where its architectural qualities will provide all-year-round interest. Maiden Grass makes a good boundary hedge or privacy screen in a small garden or along a path or roadway. In a mixed border it provides a graceful backdrop for summer flowering plants, as well as winter appeal. Naturalized in a country meadow or along a stream, Miscanthus Purpurascens will thrive with little care.

Ornamental grasses can add a graceful note to your garden and Miscanthus Sinensis var. Purpurascens is no exception. Its clump of arching leaves will be attractive in all the seasons, and the flowers contribute extra interest. Easy to care for and versatile in the landscape, this low maintenance grass is a great choice!

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