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Pseudocydonia Sinensis - Chinese Quince

Pseudocydonia Sinensis or Chinese Quince, decorative bark and foliage, pink fragrant flowers and amazing quince fruits make this a must have tree - buy UK.
Pseudocydonia Sinensis or Chinese Quince
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

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Pseudocydonia Sinensis or the Chinese Quince Tree, is a rare treat for gardeners! This hard-to-find small tree has considerable ornamental value, with the added bonus of producing edible fruits. Native to China, Pseudocydonia Sinensis is an ocasional semi-evergreen tree which has much to recommend it. Even in winter, the unique bark pattern of a mottled olive green, brown and grey, similar to camouflage, will add visual interest. The 10 cm leaves are oval and dark green, turning orange and dark red in autumn. In April and May, the fragrant, cup-shaped single 4 cm pale pink flowers appear, highly attractive to bees and are followed in the autumn by yellow fruits up to 15 cm in length which can be eaten fresh or cooked into jellies, jams or pies. Placed in a bowl, they will perfume an entire room!

Hardy in most parts of the UK, even in severe winters, Pseudocydonia Sinensis will slowly grow to a height and spread of 3 metres in 10 years, eventually reaching a size of 6 metres. Flowers and fruit are produced on year-old wood so avoid heavy pruning. It can be grown as multi-stemmed shrub or a small single-stemmed standard tree with a dense, branching crown.

Grow Pseudocydonia Sinensis in full sun in a spot sheltered from wind, ideally against a wall, to ensure fruit production. It will do well in any fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Once established it can withstand some periods of drought, but will always do best with adequate water. Tolerant of salt, it can be planted in coastal regions, and is well-suited to city gardens as it is also tolerant of pollution. It is susceptible to deer, so requires protection in country locations.  

This unusual fruit tree has so much to recommend it that you will want to position the Chinese Quince Tree where you can enjoy it all year round, from the fragrant pink flowers, to the equally fragrant fruits, as well as the autumn colours and the striking bark pattern in winter. Placed along a walkway against a wall facing south, or in a sunny spot in a garden, you will not fail to enjoy it. Pseudocydonia Sinensis would be a striking specimen tree for a focal point in a lawn, and planted near a window, the lovely scents would drift into the house in both spring and autumn. Pseudocydonia Sinensis will not fail to bring pleasure with its striking appearance, delicious fragrance and edible fruits. Find a spot for this rare treasure in your garden!

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