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Perovskia Little Spire Russian Sage

Perovskia Little Spire or Russian Sage Little Spire - low growing perennial with pretty blue flowers in summer. Buy online with UK delivery.
Russian Sage Little Spire
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Height Excluding Pot: 30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Pot size: 3 Litres

Plant ID: 2838 1

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Perovskia Little Spire or Russian Sage Little Spire is an excellent border plant for your garden. Little Spire is a dwarf version of Russian Sage Blue Spire with characteristic white stems.Its late summer fragrant blooms will bring a welcome lift of colour the garden, and are much loved by bees, so much so that the RHS has given it the Perfect for Pollinators designation! This perennial's full botanical name is Perovskia Atriplicifolia Little Spire.

While the standard-sized Perovskia Blue Spire has been grown in the UK for around 100 years, this new dwarf variety has only been lately introduced. In early to mid-spring the new shoots of Perovskia Little Spire start to emerge, soon forming a clump of attractive blue-grey stems and foliage which are aromatic when bruised. From July to September, the purple-blue flowers form in panicles at the ends of the stems, creating a haze of purple when planted in big enough clumps. Trimmed of the spent blooms in autumn, the white stems can add winter interest to the garden.

Hardy in most places in the UK, Perovskia Little Spire will grow to clump 60 cm high with a spread of 30-50 cm within 5 years. Stems should be cut down in early to mid-spring to make way for fresh growth. Russian Sage Little Spire is especially effective when planted in clumps of 3 or more; space plants 30-60 cm apart.

Plant Russian Sage Little Spire in full sun in an exposed or sheltered position, in any well-drained soil. This plant will thrive in dry, sandy soil, so is especially suited to problem spots. Tolerant of salt and pollution, and rabbit and deer resistant, it is well-suited to all parts of the UK, whether city, coastal, or country. Perovskia Little Spire’s resistance to pests and disease makes it even more low-maintenance.

Perovskia Little Spire is a great choice for container growing on a terrace or patio, where its preference for dry soil makes it a care-free choice, and its attractive fragrant foliage will provide interest year-round, with the added bonus of its late-summer blooms. Planted in a gravel or rock garden, it will make an excellent accent plant. Russian Sage Little Spire provides a good backdrop in a mixed border for other flowering plants, as well as a good camouflage for fading bulb foliage as spring progresses. When planted in a large swath in larger gardens the summer flower show will be spectacular!

Perovskia Little Spire is a hardy, versatile perennial which will provide year-round interest in your garden.

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