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Parrotia Persica Persian Spire

Parrotia Persica Persian Spire aka Persian Ironwood trees are highly decorative from Spring right through to late Autumn with stunning leaf colours, buy UK.
Parrotia Persica Persian Spire foliage detail
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.5-1.75m (4ft 11-5ft 8)

Pot size: 50 Litres

Plant ID: 6395 2

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Parrotia Persica Persian Spire Persian Ironwood
Parrotia Persica Persian Spire is a small winter-flowering tree variety of Persian Ironwood that has an upright habit rather than bushy width. As its name suggests Persian Spire adds vertical interest making it an excellent choice of deciduous tree for smaller spaces. It will reach no more than five metres in height and spread three to four metres over the course of a decade.

Gardeners enjoy Persian Ironwood for its stunning foliage that can match even Japanese Acers. In spring its leaves, which are narrower than standard Ironwood varieties, emerge a deep blushing purple. Then in summer they turn a rich deep green with a purple edge. Finally in autumn, when the temperature begins to fall, they change into a cascade of red, yellow and orange tones. In late winter, and through to the year’s early months, tiny red flowers much like witch hazel appear.  Another great feature of this tree is the peeling bark on older specimens that adds papery texture in a bare winter garden.

How Hardy Is Parrotia Persica Persian Spire
This is an extremely hardy tree that can withstand sub zero temperatures.  It is hardy in all of the UK if its roots are kept from water-logged conditions.

How Can I Use Parrotia Persica Persian Spire
This is a great specimen tree for the lawn as it adds year round interest with its spectacular foliage displays and late winter flowers. Its upright columnar shape adds height and structural interest even without its foliage. It is perfect as a tree for smaller gardens. Plant this next to a path or window seat because you’ll want to get up close to the vivid foliage display. As this is a compact, upright tree you can container grow it on the patio - just ensure the pot is large and kept well watered in dry spells

How To Care for Parrotia Persica Persian Spire
This tree requires little care and is happy to look after itself, but newly planted Parrotia Persica Persian Spire do required frequent watering before they become established. Pruning is not required, but after the flowers have finished removed any broken or crossing branches to achieve an open crown and dig in plenty of well rotted manure.

If you are looking for a specimen winter flowering tree with autumn and spring interest as well, Persian Ironwood is a good choice with glorious seasonal colour changes.

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