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Phormium Tenax Surfer Bronze New Zealand Flax

Phormium Tenax Surfer Bronze
Phormium Surfer Bronze
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-60cm (1ft 3-1ft 11)

Pot size: 5 Litres

Plant ID: 9676 64

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Phormium Tenax Surfer Bronze, also known as New Zealand Flax Surfer Bronze
Prized for its striking, structural foliage, Phormium Tenax or New Zealand Flax, is an evergreen ornamental grass. The variety Surfer Bronze is a dwarf low-growing grass, ideal for mass plantings, small gardens, or growing in containers. Its evergreen foliage is dark bronze, often with a reddish or a green edge. Another unique feature of New Zealand Flax Surfer Bronze is that its blade-shaped leaves can be twisted on the ends which combined with the plant’s clump-forming habit, makes for a highly-decorative shape and texture.

Height and Spread of Phormium Tenax Surfer Bronze
Slow growing with a compact habit, Phormium Surfer Bronze will not even reach a full metre at maturity. The expected maximum height and width is around 70 centimetres in a period of 5 years.

How Hardy is Phormium Tenax Surfer Bronze
Fully hardy in the United Kingdom and quite resilient, this tough little ornamental grass is ideal for coastal gardens, as it is resistant to salt and does not mind harsh winds.

How To Use Phormium Tenax Surfer Bronze
Owing to its dwarf size and architectural foliage, New Zealand Flax Surfer Bronze is ideally suited for mass plantings. Use this ornamental grass as a ground cover or as an edging plant for your flower beds. As Phormium Surfer Bronze does great when planted in pots, you can also use this beautiful evergreen cultivar to bring interest to balconies, patios, or rooftop gardens. Low-maintenance and quite resilient, this ornamental grass happens to be drought-tolerant, so it can be a great choice for gravel gardens, as well.

How To Care For Phormium Tenax Surfer Bronze
Easy to grow and to care for, this New Zealand native does not need much to thrive in your garden. Phormium Surfer Bronze does best in full sun to partial shade, in a spot where winter winds and harsh frosts can’t damage its foliage. It will adapt to a wide range of soils from dry to moist, but it will not do well in waterlogged soils. For best results, pick fertile, well-drained soils to grow this evergreen ornamental grass.

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