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Panicum Virgatum Cheyenne Sky Switch Grass

Compact Ornamental Grass with Red Flowers in Summer

Panicum Virgatum Cheyenne Sky Switch Grass
Panicum Virgatum Cheyenne Sky Switch Grass
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60 cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 12059 12

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Panicum Virgatum Cheyenne Sky Switch Grass is a compact deciduous ornamental switch grass with red flowers in the summer and excellent red-purple autumn foliage colour. This perennial grass suits prairie planting, dry sunny borders, and coastal gardens.

Panicum Virgatum is native to the prairies of North America where it’s better known as switch grass for the swishing sounds its foliage makes in the breeze. It was historically used for thatching but today has led to a considerable amount of ornamental grass cultivars.

Switch Grass Cheyenne Sky is a popular cultivar because it’s one of the most compact upright grasses available. It has flat linear blue-green leaves in spring with red tips that mature to deep red and purple for autumn before falling with the frosts. In summer, airy sprays of small red flowers emerge from the clump to dance above the vase-shaped mound of foliage.

This is a delightful easy-to-manage ornamental grass that best suits a sunny mixed border, well-watered container and low-maintenance gardens. As it is low-growing it can also be used for ground cover in a sunny spot. 

Height And Spread Of Panicum Virgatum Cheyenne Sky
This is a small switch grass that reaches a maximum height of 80 cms and spreads approximately 50 cms over 2-5 years.

How Hardy Is Panicum Virgatum Cheyenne Sky
Switchgrass Cheyenne Sky is hardy in the UK if its roots are well-drained. In well-drained soil it can tolerate sub-zero temperatures and cold wind. It’s native prairie roots mean it’s tolerant of drought too.

How To Use Panicum Virgatum Cheyenne Sky
Switch Grass Cheyenne Sky has a wide range of uses. It suits coastal gardens, prairie and foliage gardens, low-maintenance wildlife spaces, hot sunny borders in cottage gardens, and modern urban courtyards.
Its size means it’s easy to grow in a container on a patio, deck or balcony but it’s important to keep it on raised feet to aid drainage.
Grow this small ornamental grass around seating areas to appreciate its foliage rustling in the breeze and so you easily touch its tactile flower spikes. Flower arrangers especially appreciate the tall flower spikes and well-proportioned long-lasting foliage in displays.

How To Care For Panicum Virgatum Cheyenne Sky
Easy-to-grow Cheyenne Sky is tolerant of all soil that’s well-drained. It copes with exposed or sheltered spots and enjoys a position in full sun. If full sun isn’t possible, then partial shade is acceptable. It won’t grow well in full shade or damp areas.
In early spring remove any of last year’s dead foliage to promote air circulation and make room for its new shoots. Apply a thick layer of mulch at this point, especially if it’s in a very dry area.
Water well until established and if it’s grown in a container a weak weekly feed will keep it healthy.

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