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Rhododendron Nova Zembla

Rhododendron Nova Zembla - a popular choice for red-flowering rhododendrons
Rhododendron Nova Zembla, a popular choice for red-flowering rhododendrons
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Height Excluding Pot:
35-40cm (1ft 1-1ft 3)

Pot size: 7.5 Litres

Plant ID: 6870 28
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Rhododendron Nova Zembla 
A wonderful, evergreen Rhododendron hybrid with dark green foliage and round trusses of big showy red flowers and black dots in the centre that emerge late May, early June.
Rhododendron Nova Zembla is a popular choice for red-flowering rhododendrons and has proved itself to be tougher than most and has a good reputation for being both frost and heat tolerant. In terms of habit, it is dense, compact sturdy shrub that won’t get overly large. It will reach a maximum height over a 10 year period of 1.75 metres.
Rhododendron Nova Zembla is flexible in terms of aspect. It tolerates both full sun and partial shade but it does require good drainage. 
Look after your Rhododendron by regularly applying a good mulch to keep soil moist. Also, feed regularly with a good ericaceous fertiliser, especially during the flowering season. 

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