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Rhododendron Impeditum Dwarf Hybrid

Rhododendron Impeditum Dwarf Purple Rhododendron for Sale
Rhododendron Impeditum
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Height Excluding Pot: 20-30cm (0ft 7-0ft 11)

Pot size: 4.5 Litres

Plant ID: 10120 97

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Rhododendron Impeditum Dwarf Hybrid
Dwarf Purple Rhododendron is a small, evergreen alpine rhododendron with a low-growing habit and producing dramatic purple flowers. It suits semi-shaded borders in small gardens and containers.

Dwarf Purple Rhododendron is a lepidote or a scaly-leaved rhododendron with almost undetectable tiny scales on its leaves. It originates from the high-altitude areas of South West China and grows well in sheltered UK gardens. In Spring, around May to June, flushes of purple flowers bloom in trusses of four. The colour is vibrant and unmistakable with wide funnel-shaped flowers and long delicate stamens. The evergreen foliage is small, elliptic and aromatic and may turn shades of burgundy as autumn approaches. 

This is a popular low-growing rhododendron that can be so heavily packed with purple flowers in spring it resembles a mound of soft purple blooms. 

Height and Spread of Rhododendron Impeditum
Dwarf Purple Rhododendron is a tight and compact shrub that won’t grow taller or wider than 0.5 to 1 metre. 

How Hardy Is Rhododendron Impeditum
Dwarf Purple Rhododendron is a hardy shrub down to minus temperatures if the roots are well-drained and it’s protected from harsh drying winds. It is rarely bothered by pests. 

How To Use Rhododendron Impeditum
This is a great little shrub for large, well-watered containers of ericaceous compost on patios, decks, or balconies where it brings year-round colour. It especially suits cottages gardens with its flush of intense flowers, rock gardens, and Japanese style spaces. You can use this low-growing rhododendron near the front of a border or line the boundaries of a pathway where it softens edges without growing too tall. On larger open spaces, use is as a ground cover where it will naturally grow carpet-style in clumps. 

How To Care For Rhododendron Impeditum
Dwarf Purple Rhododendron does best in a sunny spot with shelter from cold, drying winds. 
Rhododendrons don’t grow well in alkaline soils, so add ericaceous compost and mulch each year if your soil is poor or chalky. A container of ericaceous compost is a good way to grow dwarf rhododendrons with a regular liquid rhododendron feed for the best results. 
When planting rhododendrons ensure the roots are not buried deeply. The same depth as the growing pot works well.
There’s no need to prune Dwarf Purple Rhododendron as it’s naturally low-growing and compact, but if you want to trim branch tips to maintain the shape, do so before new spring growth emerges. 

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