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Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia

Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia Golden Robinia False Acacia trees to buy online with UK delivery
Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia golden foliage
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.6-3m (8ft 6-9ft 10)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.7-1.8 m

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

Pot size: 70 Litres

Plant ID: 7626 64

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Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia or Golden Robinia

Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia (also known as False Acacia Tree or Golden Robinia) is a mid-sized tree naturally native to the South Eastern United States. Robinia is a deciduous tree with small white flowers and eye-catching golden yellow foliage, along with a strongly fissured bark with strident spines on the leaf stems which makes it easy to recognize. The tree belongs to the Fabaceace (pea) family. Its most suitable habitat is a sunny position under direct sunlight such as garden, roadside areas, urban bushland and open woodlands etc. 

As it matures, the bark on the main trunk of False Acacia trees takes on a grayish colour and ultimately becomes deeply furrowed over time. However, more than any other characteristic, it is for its attractive foliage that it is prized. Robinia Pseudoacaia Frisia has soft, draping leaves that remain golden-yellow throughout the growing season. Its consecutively arranged leaves are approximately 8-15 cm long. Each leaf has numerous leaflets on tiny stems and are oval or oblong in shape. The Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia tree has pea-shaped white flowers in late spring, early summer, which are organized in extended clusters. The Golden Robinia tree produces an elongated and flattened pod-like fruit that turns from green to brown as it matures. The fruits are normally hairless and are half-open when mature to ultimately release seeds of black or dark brown colour. 

Golden Robinia Trees grows up to 10 meters tall. The elegant broad-crowned Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia Tree is best grow where direct exposure to wind is avoided. It is not overly fussy about soil type. In fact, even white/chalky soils are extremely well tolerated. False Acacia is fully UK hardy. 

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