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Salix Babylonica - Weeping Willow Tree

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Weeping Willows. Buy Trees and Shrubs Willows for Sale.  Trees and Shrubs Buy Online Weeping Willow, Salix Babylonica Trees, UK
Salix Babylonica or Weeping Willows for sale from ornamental tree specialist Paramount plants, UK
Weeping Willow Tree - Salix Babylonica
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Height Excluding Pot: 2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

Plant variety: Freshly Potted

Pot size: 25 Litres

Plant ID: 10214 64

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Weeping Willows, Latin name Salix Babylonica are an downward-arching fast growing tree. Weeping Willows have an incredibly graceful appearance with very long slim arching branches that droop down to the ground. These trees love to be in moist conditions and are ideal in areas near to water. What can be more English than the site of a Weeping Willow next to a riverbank?
Salix Babylonica are fast growing but can be cut back hard, especially in the first two seasons to maintain them as a manageable tree. The catkins appear with the young silky leaves in early spring.

Not sure if Salix Babylonica is right for your outside space? Please ask us for advice on Weeping Willows - it's one of our most popular trees and we're here to help!

The delicate leaves of a weeping willow are narrow and light green. They measure between 4-16 cm in length and around 0.5-2 cm across. The leaves, which point downwards, turn a golden yellow in autumn. 

Despite its wispy appearance a Salix Babylonica is a very tough tree indeed! It will withstand sub-zero temperatures in all of the UK. It is one of the best to put near areas of water that are too damp for other trees to flourish.

Traditionally weeping willow is grown by the water or riverside but they also provide coverage for an unsightly area such as a shed or a brick wall. Salix Babylonica placed in the lawn is a stunning sight as it drapes it’s ‘privacy curtain’ down in summer offering a deep rich shade. 

A Weeping Willow tree grows best in moist soil of any pH. Because it prefers damp conditions it won’t flourish in very dry soils. However, it does like full sun on its crown. If you want to plant Weeping Willow in your garden its best to keep on top of the pruning whilst your tree is young. Weeping Willow grows fast in the right conditions. You can remove any branches that disrupt the shape and trim those that touch the ground. Just cut them cleanly below a leaf bud.  If you have a large space Weeping Willow can be left to its own devices. In the first year of planting your Weeping Willow will need regular watering and a good application of mulch around the roots until it’s established. 

Weeping Willow is an unmistakable tree that many people love from childhood. If you’ve always wanted a weeping willow, but thought they were difficult to care for, just ask us for advice.

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