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Sambucus Black Tower Elderberry

Sambucus Black Tower Elderberry
Sambucus Black Tower Elderberry
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Sambucus Black Tower full name Sambucus nigra f. porphyrophylla BLACK TOWER 'Eiffel 1' (PBR) also known as Elderberry Black Tower
Sambucus Black Tower is easy to grow and care for and will reward you with multiple seasons of interest. This highly-decorative deciduous shrub is grown mainly for its impressive foliage. Pinnate leaves emerge green but turn to a deep, rich purple not long after they unfold. The deep burgundy of the leaves serves as an excellent contrasting backdrop for the white blossoms which are  produced in late spring. The flattened sprays of small white and pink blossoms are lightly musk-scented and turn into purplish-black berries that draw in wildlife and birds that love to feast on the fruit. The berries are edible and can be used to make jams, jellies, or elderberry wine.

Height and Spread of Sambucus Black Tower
Elderberry Black Tower is a large, vigorous shrub with an upright growth habit that will quickly reach its expected height and spread of 2.5 to 4 metres.

How Hardy is Sambucus Black Tower
As it was bred in Great Britain, Sambucus Black Tower is perfectly suited for our climate. Fully hardy all across the United Kingdom, this striking deciduous shrub can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero.

How To Use Sambucus Black Tower
As a highly ornamental deciduous flowering shrub with a natural columnar shape, Elderberry Black Tower can be used to create a dramatic display in the garden as a standalone specimen shrub or planted in a mixed shrub border to contrast green-leaved shrubs and perennials. It is a great choice for adding visual interest to coastal gardens, as this decorative shrub is quite resilient, too. The burgundy-black foliage is bound to be noticed wherever you decided to grow this shrub, especially when the flowering season starts and the sprays of blossoms constrast with the dark colour of the foliage.

How To Care For Sambucus Black Tower
To make sure Elderberry Black Tower has the distinct purple-black hue of its leaves, choose a spot in full sun to plant it in. It does tolerate partial shade but if there is not enough sunlight, the leaves will fade to a greenish-bronze. This deciduous shrub should be grown in moderately fertile, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soils for ideal results. Sambucus Black Tower also tolerates chalky soils.

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