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Sophora Japonica Regent Japanese Pagoda

Sophora Japonica Regent or Japanese Pagoda Regent glossy green leaves & scented white flowers
Sophora Japonica Regent or Japanese Pagoda Regent glossy green leaves & scented white flowers
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Height Excluding Pot: 3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.6-1.8 m

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 4635 100

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Sophora Japonica Regent or Japanese Pagoda Regent is a cultivar of the Japanese Pagoda tree which was developed at the Princeton Nurseries in the United States in 1964. This fast-growing deciduous tree forms a broad, rounded, semi-open crown. In spring, it will be one of the last trees to leaf out, waiting until late May for the narrow, pinnate glossy dark green leaves to emerge, providing dappled shade throughout the summer months and then turning a pale yellow before they fall in autumn. The Japanese Pagoda Regent tree differs from other Sophora Japonica cultivars as it flowers at an earlier age, possibly as soon as five years. The fragrant creamy-white flowers appear in late summer, hanging in drooping clusters up to 30 cm in length. The long-lasting flowers are followed by green pods up to 20 cm long, which turn brown and persist into the winter. 

Height and Spread of Sophora Japonica Regent
Sophora Japonica Regent will rapidly grow to a mature height of 12-15 metres and spread of 8-10 metres, with an annual growth of up to 60 centimetres or more per year. 

How Hardy Is Sophora Japonica Regent?
Japanese Pagoda Regent is hardy throughout most of the UK, even in severe winters.

How to Use Sophora Japonica Regent
Japanese Pagoda Regent is an excellent tree for city use, and can be used as a specimen tree in a lawn, where grass can grow under its dappled shade, or planted alongside a roadway to create a living barrier. Planted close to a patio, you will have the benefit of both the summer shade and the fragrant flowers of the Japanese Pagoda Regent tree. 

How to Care for Sophora Japonica Regent
Plant Japanese Pagoda Regent in full sun in an exposed or sheltered position in well-drained sand, loam or chalk soil. Tolerant of salt spray, it can be used on coastal properties, and its high tolerance for urban pollution and paving makes it a very popular choice for city gardens. Once the Japanese Pagoda Regent tree is established it is very drought-tolerant, and in fact will suffer in too wet a soil. Pruning is not necessary to maintain the attractive rounded shape of the crown, but if desired, it should be done in early spring. 

Sophora Japonica Regent is an excellent landscape or ornamental shade tree for UK gardens. It is drought and pollution tolerant with the bonus of fragrant flowers in summer. 

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