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TopBuxus Carpet

Topbuxus Carpet - mulching product especially for Box plants or Buxus Sempervirens - helps to prevent box blight, buy online UK delivery.
Topbuxus Carpet
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Bag Size: 70 Litres

Plant ID: 4552 69
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TopBuxus Carpet
TopBuxus Carpet  cm

Bag Size: 70 Litres

Plant ID: 4552 69
Price: £45.00
Price: £45.00

What Is Box Blight?
Box blight is an airborne fungal disease that causes brown leaves, bare patches and dieback on box plants. The fungal infection disrupts water transportation inside the box plant which kills its cells. It’s become an increasing problem in the UK as our damp summers create the perfect conditions for fungal infections to thrive.

How Can TopBuxus Help?
Topbuxus is a range of products developed by a leading Dutch boxwood grower to prevent and fight box blight. The products are used in their own nursery with good results. 
The original Topbuxus Health Mix was developed when the growers realised spraying tonnes of fungicide onto their commercial box plants not only damaged the environment it came with no guarantee of prevention or cure. So together with Independent Research Institutes and the University of Wageningen they researched other ways to deal with blight instead.
Topbuxus products prevent and treat box blight to help recover your box without resorting to digging them up.
We stock Topbuxus Carpet, TopBuxus Grow and TopBuxus Health Mix alongside our range of boxwood plants and recommend their use when you purchase our box plants

Topbuxus Carpet

Topbuxus Carpet treatment focuses on the environment surrounding box plants. The product is a plant fibre floor covering that prevents fungal infections. It creates and maintains the perfect surrounding for healthy, vital box plants by keeping the area dry and hygienic. Rain can spread box blight as it splashes up into the structure of the plant transmitting infection and creating that damp, musty atmosphere fungal infections love. Topbuxus Carpet can help prevent box blight problems by absorbing rain strike so it can’t splash up into the plants. It also helps to dry out the environment quickly, so fresh air can circulate and stop fungus growing.

Topbuxus Carpet should be spread beneath and around your box plants. For the best results use a layer around 1.5 inches thick with an eight inch radius of the base of the plant. You can use it beneath healthy plants to avoid developing box blight, and as part of a treatment to eradicate blight from existing infected boxwood. There’s no particular time to apply the Carpet treatment as it can be used all year round, but if you have just purchased box plants it’s a good idea to put some down immediately to prevent infections before they begin.

Topbuxus Carpet is hardwearing and it’ll last up to three years before needing replacement. You can use it around other plants too, as protective or decorative mulch.
If your box plants already have blight using Topbuxus Carpet with the Health Mix can eradicate the infection before you lose more greenery.

Topbuxus treatments are fairly new to the market. They offer beneficial prevention or treatment for box that doesn’t damage the environment. Until now diseased box would normally need digging up and burning, but Topbuxus treatments make it possible to save your beautiful box and re-grow bright green foliage over those brown desert patches. 

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