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HSK Tree Fern Feed

HSK Tree Fern Feed for tree ferns and other ferns - essential ingredients for new growth and strong roots, buy online UK delivery.
HSK Tree Fern Feed 500ml
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Height Excluding Pot:
25cm (0ft 9)

Plant ID: 975 19
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HSK Tree Fern Feed

This image displays plant 25 cm tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
0ft 9

Price: £9.99
Price: £9.99

HSK Tree Fern Feed
Paramount Plants have successfully sold Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns for over 20 years.  They are one of the most popular architectural / structural plants available to buy and one of our best-sellers.  We believe that investing in such a spectacular plant deserves the very best in after-planting care and this is why we recommend using a good quality feed. Tree ferns love lots of water during the growing season and administering HSK Tree Fern Feed on a regular basis, appropriately diluted with water, encourages new foliage growth and root growth.

Tree ferns can be fed weekly into the crown (the centre top of the plant, where the leaves emerge from) during the warmest months of the year (May to August).  

This feed can also be used for other ferns.

Directions For Using HSK Tree Fern Feed:

  • Mix 10ml of HSK Tree fern feed with 2 litres of water and apply directly to the crown (top) of the fern where the leaves emerge from.
  • Feed once every week during the growing season.
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Shake well before use

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HSK Tree Fern Feed
Dicksonia Antarctica - Tasmanian Tree Fern
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