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Viburnum Sargentii Onondaga Sargent Viburnum

Viburnum Sargentii Onondaga Sargent Viburnum, superb variety with purple new leaves turning dark purple in autumn. Red flower buds open to white flowers.
Viburnum Sargentii Onondaga
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Viburnum Sargentii Onondaga
Sargent Viburnum Onondaga is a deciduous upright shrub with lace-cap flower heads and strongly coloured leaves. It holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit. 
There are many varieties of Viburnum. The Sargentii Viburnum originates from North-East Asia. It was discovered there and brought to the UK in the late 19th Century where it flourished and became popular in all types of planting scheme due to its dramatic foliage and pretty flowers. 

Onondaga is a particularly striking Sargent Viburnam cultivar that was bred in the USA. In early spring maple-like, three-lobed leaves open in bronze-purple shades before turning mid-green and eventually deep purple by autumn. 
Deep red flower buds appear in March to May opening to white five-petalled blooms with purple antlers borne in clusters much like a hydrangea. Flowers mature to small berries in autumn and during winter the foliage falls to reveal a strong framework of upright branches. 

Height And Spread of Viburnum Sargentii Onondaga
Sargent Viburnum Onondaga grows upright and will reach a maximum height of 2.5 metres and spread across 1.5 metres in 10-20 years. 

How Hardy Is Viburnum Sargentii Onondaga
Sargent Viburnum Onondaga is hardy down to minus temperatures if its roots are well-drained. It can cope with some drought once established and grows well in both shade and full sun. It’s rarely bothered by pests.

How To Use Viburnum Sargentii Onondaga
Sargent Viburnum Onondaga is a versatile, hardy shrub that can be used in a variety of ways. It grows on slopes and banks, suits formal borders and fills a countryside cottage garden. It’s a good choice for low maintenance front gardens too.
Viburnums are pollen-rich attractors for butterflies and bees in a wildlife garden. The autumn berries are an extra source of food for birds in the autumn and winter months.

How To Care For Viburnum Sargentii Onondaga
Sargent Viburnum Onondaga needs little attention once established. Plant it in well-drained soil of any pH and it will grow with the minimum of fuss. Its colours are brightest in partial to full sun, but it will grow in shade too.
Sargent Viburnum Onondaga doesn’t require pruning but you can remove crossed or broken branches in late winter. A thick layer of mulch in early spring will trap moisture and provide nutrients for the growing season.

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