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Nature’s Haven Butterflies Mixed - Wildflowers for Butterflies

Seeds for Attracting Pollinators

Wildflower Seeds for Attracting Butterflies to the Garden
Nature’s Haven Butterflies Mixed
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Pack of Seeds

Product Type: Wild Flower Seeds for Butterflies

Plant ID: 11192 C 75

Price: £2.99

Unwin’s Nature’s Haven Butterflies Mixed – Who doesn’t love butterflies in the garden? It’s a true feeling of summer as they flit about spreading their precious nectar. This pack of wild flower seeds has been selected and combined specifically with the aim of attracting butterflies and other beneficial pollinators to your garden.

This pack of seeds contains mixed species of wild flowers for growing outdoors that are particularly attractive to butterflied as well as being a cottage garden favourite.

How to use Unwin’s Nature’s Haven Butterflies Mixed
These wild flower seeds were conceived with ease in mind. Sowing the seeds could not be easier. To use, sow seeds thinly 1cm (1/2 in) deep in pre-watered soil, lightly covering them with a little more soil. Rake the seeds lightly into the ground and ideally, give them a quick water with the hose. Thin the seedlings if necessary to prevent overcrowding.

When to Sow Nature’s Haven Butterflies Mixed
Plant or sow the seeds any time from February to June and reap the benefits with masses of flower colour from May up to October.

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