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Westland Top Soil 30 Litres

Westland Top Soil 30 Litres
Westland Top Soil 30 Litres
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Bag: 30 Litres

Product Type: Soil

Plant ID: 10780 W 75

Price: £8.99
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Title Westland Top Soil 30 Litres 11500005

Westland Top Soil is top-quality loam-based topsoil with high humus content. It’s excellent for new garden borders, repairs, and levelling lawns.

This moisture-retentive, nutrient-rich topsoil has been sieved and sterilised to destroy weed seeds and remove stones. 

It’s free from chalk, and contains well-balanced silt, clay, sand, and loam for organic structure and the best results. Use it to prepare a lawn, boost garden soil, and create new borders. 

The bag contains 30 litres of top-quality grass and seed-free topsoil.

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