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Clear Stem Trees

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Carpinus Hornbeam topiary cubed tree, trained with a clear stem and elegant squared crown, buy online UK delivery Topiary Boxhead Hornbeam Trees
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Ulmus Clusius Dutch Elm is a Disease Resistant Dutch Elm hybrid Ulmus Clusius Dutch Elm
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Ulmus Columella Elm, a Dutch cultivar by the Dorschkamp Research Institute in Wageningen and extremely resistant to Dutch elm disease. Ulmus Columella Elm Full Standard Tree
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Ulmus Dodoens Elm, a disease resistant variety of Elm tree introduced by Dutch botanist. Ulmus Dodoens Elm Tree
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Upright Hawthorn Pleached Tree Crataegus Monogyna Stricta Upright Hawthorn Pleached Crataegus Monogyna Stricta
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Weeping Silver Birch, Specimen Trees, full standard trees with clear stems. Weeping Silver Birch Tree - Full Standard

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