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Pieris Japonica Little Green Heath

Japanese Pieris cultivars are beautiful evergreen, ornamental shrubs that grow well in the UK climate. This variety, commonly known as Little Green Heath is one of the smaller cultivars, with a very attractive shape. Grown mainly for the beauty of its leaves which appear in Springtime with a fabulous coppery hue, the foliage turns to a lush green as the leaves mature.

A great little plant for growing in containers or on the patio but does need a sheltered spot, it won't tolerate cold winds in an exposed position.

Can be grown in sun or dappled shade, this is a very useful shrub for interest throughout the year in courtyard and urban smaller gardens.

We can deliver Pieris Japonica Little Green Heath anywhere in the UK with our nationwide delivery and also to the Republic of Ireland.

Pieris Japonica Little Green Heath showing bronze leaf colouring

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