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Pieris Flaming Silver

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Pieris Flaming Silver in Autumn, buy online UK. Pieris Flaming Silver flowering, part of our evergreen flowering shrubs collection for sale online UK Pieris Japonica - flaming silver variety to buy online UK
Pieris Flaming Silver, evergreen shrubs for sale London UK
Pieris Flaming Silver flower buds
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Height Excluding Pot:
60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 574 2
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Pieris Flaming Silver

This image displays plant 60-80 cm tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
1ft 11-2ft 7

Pot size: 20 Litres

Pot size: 20 Litres

Price: £115.00
33% Discount £77.05
Price: £115.00
33% Discount £77.05
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Pieris Flaming Silver is a low growing brightly coloured evergreen shrub. It is also known as Pieris Japonica Flaming Silver but mostly referred to as the ’lily of the valley’ shrub due to its pretty white trailing blooms. The foliage of this variety is variegated and appears silvery in bright sunlight. This is a woodland plant in its natural setting and so is suitable for partial shade or shady areas. Gardeners love Pieris because they add year round interest to the garden. In spring Pieris Flaming Silver produces its lily of the valley type flower spikes which gradually turn into to small black fruits during the summer. In autumn it shoots out new foliage growth in vibrant red and orange shades which are often mistaken for flowers because they grow in upright spikes. Scarlet foliage fades into silvery variegated leaves during winter and early spring.

How Hardy Is Pieris Japonica Flaming Silver?
Pieris Flaming Silver is hardy throughout most of the UK, withstanding frosts and snows. Consistently harsh winds may damage foliage and bud formation in extreme northern areas. 

How To Use Pieris Japonica Flaming Silver
Pieris Flaming Silver will grow to a height of one and a half metres and spread to half a metre making it a compact shrub that’s perfect for containers. Pieris enjoy being grown in containers which means you can move them around your garden when little else is growing in the bare winter months.
Alternately Pieris Flaming Silver grows well in mixed borders next to other shrubs. Bedding plants requiring sun shelter will thrive beneath it. Their compact size makes them a good choice for restricted spaces or to soften a courtyard garden. 

How To Care For Pieris Japonica Flaming Silver
Pieris Flaming Silver is a self sufficient plant once established. It needs little care when planted in the right conditions. Pieris prefers acidic soils and enjoys full sun, but because it’s a woodland plant it will happily tolerate partially shady areas too.
Mulch well in early spring for the best flower show and water it once a week in hot spells. You won’t need to prune your Pieris Flaming Silver as they naturally grow in an attractive shape. Just remove dead flower heads and cut out any dead branches as they occur. Older specimens develop a much-prized gnarled trunk. 

Pieris are very attractive shrubs see our other varieties -  Pieris Forest Flame and Pieris Japonica KatsuraAward of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society, a sure sign that it will perform well in most gardens

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