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Acer Palmatum Little Princess

Acer Palmatum Little Princess Japanese Acer,
Acer Palmatum Little Princess, a dwarf Japanese Acer
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Height Excluding Pot:
125-150cm (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Plant shape: Wide
Pot size: 80 Litres
Plant ID: 5919 2
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Acer Palmatum Little Princess Japanese Acer
A small deciduous Japanese maple tree, that has a very tight compact growth, Acer Palmatum Little Princess is an ideal tree for smaller gardens, especially as it is also a slow-growing variety. Additionally, the small size and the fact it will not grow vigorously make Japanese Acer Little Princess ideally suited for growing in pots.

Like most japanese maples, this variety also boasts the distinct five-lobed foliage. The leaves come out in spring, and are a lush green tinged with red that will darken a little through summer. As autumn comes they will change to a yellow-orange. Easy to grow and to care for, this colourful japanese maple tree offers a long season of interest.

Height and Spread of Japanese Acer Little Princess
Maximum height of this deciduous tree is 1.5m with a max spread of 2m, so this is very much considered a dwarf variety of Japanese Acer. 

How Hardy is Japanese Acer Little Princess
This highly-decorative Japanese maple tree is fully hardy in the United Kingdom.

How To Use Japanese Acer Little Princess
Acer Palmatum Little Princess looks great in borders in any size garden. The autumn colour will look particularly attractive if this tree is planted with evergreen shrubs for a backdrop. This is a slow growing maple that will grow well in pots and look stunning on the patio. Use it to add year-round interest to rooftop gardens or balconies, as well.

How To Care for Japanese Acer Little Princess
This maple variety is not demanding when it comes to care. Acer Palmatum Little Princess loves acidic soil, but will cope well in any well drained moist fertile soils. It will do best in full sun to dappled shade. 
This cultivar does not need any special sheltering in most cases, but if you grow it in a large container rather than a garden, it will require some protection in the winter. Lots more Japanese Acers here.

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