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Azalea Mollis Whitethroat

Azalea Mollis Whitethroat is a deciduous hybrid azalea with white scented flowers in late Spring and silvery green foliage, for sale online UK delivery.
Azalea Mollis Whitethroat flowering
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Height Excluding Pot: 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 12 Litres

Plant ID: 8541 34

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Azalea Mollis Whitethroat is an exceptionally hardy deciduous azalea that belongs to the Rhododendron family. It is a hybrid cross between the Azalea molle and the Azalea m subsp. Japonicum. It origins can be traced to Belgian and Dutch sources. Deciduous Azaleas, particularly the Mollis hybrids are increasingly popular with their late flowering scented blooms. 

Unlike many other azaleas, the Azalea mollis Whitethroat blooms later in the spring. In May and June, Azalea Mollis Whitethroat starts to produce trusses of long white funnel-shaped flowers. The flowers are small and double but stand out in stark contrast in the garden because of their pure white hue that is dazzlingly bright. The blooms appear before the foliage which makes them even more noticeable. During early morning and evening hours, Azalea Mollis Whitethroat blossoms carry a soft, sweet fragrance that is exceptionally pleasing and quickly fills the garden with the pleasing perfume.  After flowering, Azalea Mollis Whitethroat should have the dead flower heads clipped away. Removing the spent flower heads will encourage the plant to create even more blossoms the following year because energy reserves will not have been exhausted. 

During the spring and summer months, the foliage of the Azalea mollis Whitethroat is a silvery light green. However, when autumn arrives the leaves start to change to eye-catching shades of red and orange. 

The shrub’s compact growth habit makes it ideal for any size garden. It grows to a height of approximately one to two meters with a similar width.

Plant the Azalea Mollis Whitethroat in full sun or partial shade for the best growth results. It thrives in humus rich acidic soil that is moist but not overly waterlogged. Ideally, azaleas should be planted in September/October or in March/April. Avoid planting them in the height of summer. After planting, keep the soil around the shrub evenly moist to encourage root growth. 

Azaleas do not like windy planting locations, so plant the shrub in a relatively sheltered spot. They grow well beside a building, near a fence or beneath conifers where they are afforded some protection.

Avoid planting other plants too close to the Azalea Mollis Whitethroat because it develops a relatively shallow root system. The shrub’s roots are usually only about 40 centimeters deep, so planting other shallow rooted plants close to the azalea can pose a problem as they compete for space, water, and nutrients. 

The petite size of the Azalea mollis Whitethroat makes it an ideal shrub for growth in a container. Place the pot in a shaded location on the patio or balcony to afford protection from the summer sun. Keep the soil evenly moist to promote the best growth and flower. 

The Azalea mollis Whitethroat is an azalea that thrives with only minimal care. Its brilliant white blossoms and lovely foliage will make it a specimen shrub in any landscape.

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