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Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami Japanese Acer

Variegated Foliage Colour

Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami Variegated Japanese Maple
Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami Variegated Japanese Maple
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Pot size: 45 Litres

Plant ID: 10234 AB 34

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Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami, perhaps a not so widely known cultivar, is notable for its unusual variegated foliage colour. A deciduous Japanese maple, Masu Kagami belongs to the Palmatum group of acers. 

The new foliage unfurls crimson at first, occasionally showing subtle hues of pink. The reddish shades continue along the leave edge until late spring as the centre of the leaf begins to turn green. The summer foliage is essentially green in colour but is frequently heavily spotted or marked with fine yellow-white dots that can merge to form large light blotches on the leaf. More drama in autumn as the leaves turn scarlet red before falling with the frosts. Japanese Acer Masu Kagami has mid-sized 5-lobed deeply separated leaves with sharply pointed tips. 

This is an unusual cultivar with dramatic colour changes that brightens up the smallest outdoor space.

Height and Spread of Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami
Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami is a tall and upright acer that will reach a maximum height of 4 metres over 10-20 years. 

How Hardy Is Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami
This is a hardy acer that can withstand sub-zero temperatures if its roots are well-drained. It prefers partial shade and shelter from harsh drying winds. 

How To Use Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami
This is a good choice for a compact garden or small border as it won’t grow too large. You can grow acers in containers if they are large and well-watered in the dry months. Ensure containers are heavy enough to prevent toppling in windy conditions.
Japanese Acer Masu Kagami is a colourful acer with lots of red and green shades. Its pointed foliage stands out creating a focal point from spring to autumn.

How To Care for Acer Palmatum Masu Kagami
Japanese Acer Masu Kagami likes a sheltered, shady spot that doesn’t catch the hot midday sun. It will grow in the majority of well-drained fertile soils but prefers neutral to acid soil. In chalky, alkaline conditions fill the planting hole with organic matter or compost and top-dress each year with mulch. 
There is no need to prune Japanese Acer Masu Kagami as it naturally grows in an elegant shape, but you can cut back any damaged branches in winter if necessary.  

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