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Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind False Siebolds Maple

Very Hardy Japanese Maple Hybrid from the Jack Frost Series

Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind False Siebolds Maple - Jack Frost Hybrid
Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind
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Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 12 Litres

Plant ID: 13429 12

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Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind False Siebolds Maple
Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind False Siebolds Maple 1-1.25 m

This image displays plant 1-1.25 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 12 Litres

Plant ID: 13429 12

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Was £150.00
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Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind (False Siebolds Maple) is a new variety of deciduous hardy maple or garden maple with deeply lobed leaves and excellent spring-to-autumn foliage colour. It’s a perfect small to mid-size landscaping tree for exposed spots.

Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind was bred by the Iseli Nursey in the USA. Although best known for its conifers, Iseli have created a series of three hardy maples named the ‘Jack Frost’ series which are a cross between Acer Pseudosieboldianum (False Siebolds Maple) for hardiness and Acer Palmatum (Japanese Maple) for branch structure and foliage colour. 
The other maples in this series are Acer Pseudosieboldianums Ice Dragon, which is the short variety, and Arctic Jade with large deeply serrated leaves. 

North Wind is a small to medium-sized tree with lobed foliage that emerges red in spring and turns bright green for summer. As autumn approaches the leaves turn vivid orange and brilliant red before falling for winter. Small purple flowers bloom in summer and develop into pink-winged samaras that contrast with its vivid autumnal foliage
This is a stunning new maple that shines in harsh conditions. 

Height and Spread of Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind
This is a small to medium garden maple that reaches six metres in height and five in width. 

How Hardy Is Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind
Much hardier than regular Japanese Maples, False Siebolds Maple North Wind is bred to withstand harsh, cold temperatures. It’ll cope with an exposed spot in UK winters if its roots are well drained. In the United States, it has coped with temperatures of - 30 F.

How To Use Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind
False Siebold’s Maple North Wind is a beautiful, colourful garden maple with stunning colour.
Its mid-size suits medium gardens and larger landscaped spaces. It’s particularly good at filling a bare exposed spot other maples can’t tolerate with vivid dramatic colour and delicate form, even when other trees have dropped their leaves. 

How To Care For Acer Pseudosieboldianum North Wind
Once established Pseudosieboldianum North Wind is easy to grow and needs very little care. It suits full sun to partial shade in any reasonably fertile well-drained spot. 
There’s no need to prune, but give it plenty of water until you see new growth and a thick layer of organic mulch around the roots in early spring to boost its health. 

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