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Forsythia Intermedia Gold Rausch

 Forsythia Intermedia Gold Rausch. Forsythia Goldrush buy online UK delivery, we also deliver to the Republic of Ireland.
Forsythia Intermedia Gold Rausch flowering
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Height Excluding Pot: 30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 3 Litres

Plant ID: 7366 114

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Forsythia Intermedia Gold Rausch is a spectacular springtime flowering shrub that blooms before most others and when it does it certainly arrives with a bang. Bright lemon four-petalled flowers cluster on bare stems creating a focal point. After the golden smothering of blooms in March and April, fresh green leaves push through to maintain a colourful appearance until autumn.
Forsythia Intermedia Gold Rausch is also known as Forsythia Goldrush. It is a particularly bright variety of Forsythia that has larger than average flowers yet it is compact – this makes it the perfect addition for a small garden. It’s easy to grow and requires very little care.

How Hardy Is Forsythia Intermedia Gold Rausch?
Despite its sunshine appearance Intermedia Gold Rausch is a fully hardy plant in the UK. It will grow in any soil type and although it prefers moist well-drained soils once established it will flourish and bloom in the majority of situations. Gold Rausch does not like water logged condition around its roots however.

How To Use Forsythia Intermedia Gold Rausch
Gold Rausch is a compact variety of Forsythia and will fit into most garden situations. It brightens a shrub border early in the year and provides early pollen for bees when little else is available. 
If space is tight but you can’t resist this lemon beauty then it will happily grow in a fairly deep container. You can move this about to enhance or cover an area. It looks particularly good near the front door during grey March.
In time, you can also train Gold Rausch to grow flat against a fence. Tie its stems to wire and remove any forward growing shoots after flowering. In larger areas you can grow a hedge or screen by planting individual shrubs a few feet apart.

How To Care For Forsythia Intermedia Gold Rausch
Forsythia can get ‘leggy’ if it’s not pruned - this means the bottom part of the stems and branches bear no flowers or leaves as it grows taller. Simply remove several old stems from the base and thin out the rest by cutting back a third to the nearest strong bud. Do this after flowering has finished in summer. 
If you mulch or top up the container with compost at the beginning of the year it ensures an even brighter rush of flowers. Don’t forget to water container grown forsythia as wind can be drying in spring.

Forsythia Goldrush is a sure sign that spring has arrived and it never disappoints after a dull and dreary winter. 

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