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Abies Pinsapo or Spanish Fir also Hedgehog Fir

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Abies Pinsapo or Spanish Fir also Hedgehog Fir
Abies Pinsapo is an evergreen conifer with a broad pyramidal crown and spectacular foliage. Spanish Fir or Hedgehog Fir as it is also known, has radially arranged needles (unlike most fir trees which have pectinate needles) which gives it a gorgeous texture and highly-ornamental appearance. The needles are short and bluish-green and borne on stiff branchlets. Like all conifers, Spanish Fir also produces cones: its cones are fairly large in size reaching up to 17 centimetres, vibrant purple at first, and maturing to a brown shade. Abies Pinsapo is native to the mountain ranges of Granada, Malaga and Southern Spain, so it is well-suited to high altitudes. Natively, it grows at altitudes of 2000 metres.

Height and Spread of Abies Pinsapo
A slow-growing conifer, Spanish Fir will grow to be up to 20 metres tall, with a spread of up to 9 metres.

How Hardy is Abies Pinsapo
Spanish Fir is fully hardy in the United Kingdom and adapts well even in harsher climates. It will survive even if the temperatures drop to -20 degrees Celsius and is very tolerant of dry conditions when mature.

How To Use Abies Pinsapo
Hedgehog Fir is a striking large conifer that will do well as a specimen tree. It offers year-round interest, it is undemanding, and has architectural value. As a tall and wide conifer with a pyramidal form, it will need space to fully develop, so take that into account when choosing a planting location, as this cultivar works best for large gardens and isolated plantings.

How To Care For Abies Pinsapo
Spanish Fir will adapt to most conditions but thrives in full sun and moist but well-drained soils. For best results, choose nutrient-rich soils that are neutral to slightly acidic in pH value.

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