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Picea Pungens Kosteriana

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Colorado Spruce trees for sale online at our London nursery, delivered throughout the UK Picea Koster conifer for sale, London UK
Picea Pungens Kosteriana, Blue Spruce, UK
Picea Koster, Blue Spruce Conifer, UK
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Plant variety: Super Blue Seedling

Pot size: 35 Litres

Plant ID: 2015 B 12

Was £240.00
25% Off - Now £180.00
Height Excluding Pot: 1.75-2m (5ft 8-6ft 6)

Plant variety: Hoopsii

Pot size: 35 Litres

Plant ID: 829 B 12

Was £275.00
25% Off - Now £206.25
Height Excluding Pot: 2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

Pot size: 130 Litres

Plant ID: 830 64

Was £750.00
25% Off - Now £562.50

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Picea Pungens Kosteriana Glauca is more commonly known as Picea Koster or Colorado Blue Spruce Koster. These conifer trees originate from the Rocky Mountains in North America. The Koster variety of Colorado Blue Spruce is prized for its conical habit and lush, silvery-blue needles. The dense, evergreen foliage offers year-round interest and adds a lovely texture to mixed shrub borders.

Sturdy and tough, Picea Pungens Kosteriana Glauca is easy to grow and to care for. Since this cultivar is indigenous to North America, it is quite adapted to harsh climate and can survive even if the temperatures drop 20 degrees below zero. Same as the other Colorado spruce varieties such as Picea Pungens Fat Albert, Koster is fully hardy in all of the United Kingdom.
How To Grow: These beautiful evergreen conifers are hardy and evergreen. They love full sun and will grow in any aspect in a moist and well drained soil. They are hardy and their striking blue/silver foliage and medium size mean they work well in town gardens and provide a lovely focal point. These architectural trees are low maintenance, no pruning is required to keep their shape.Picea Pungens Kosteriana Glauca will grow well in a neutral but naturally prefer an acidic soil, the main point to remember is to shelter them from cold winds.

When fully mature, Picea Pungens Kosteriana Glauca is from 2.5 to 4 meters high, and around 1.5 meters wide.

This evergreen conifer offers great architectural value and works well both as a specimen tree and in mixed borders. Pair Colorado Blue Spruce Koster with colourful, autumn interest cultivars that will accentuate its silvery-blue foliage, such as Acer Tataricum Ginnala or Acer Campestre Field Maple. The rich texture of this evergreen conifer can also serve as a backdrop for low-growing flowering shrubs and perennials.

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