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Acer Tataricum Ginnala

Acer Tataricum Ginnala, Armur maple ginnala trees to buy online at our UK Japanese maple specialist nursery.
Acer Tataricum Ginnala autumn foliage
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.5-3m (8ft 2-9ft 10)

Trunk girth: 12-14 cm

Pot size: 60 Litres

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Height Excluding Pot: 2.6-3m (8ft 6-9ft 10)

Plant shape: Multi-stemmed

Pot size: 120 Litres

Plant ID: 10103 80

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Acer Tataricum Ginnala is a popular maple tree that’s incredibly hardy, easy to care for and appreciated for its display of beautiful vivid scarlet leaves in the autumn. It’s also known as the Amur Maple Ginnala. 

In spring the Acer Tataricum Ginnala produces dense vivid green leaves that are three-lobed and mid-sized. Often these leaves are a lighter shade of green beneath. These last throughout the spring and summer months accompanied in late summer by small white flowers that turn into clusters of red-tinged ‘helicopter’ seeds. With September the Acer Tataricum Ginnala morphs into that famous rich crimson-red leaf that we all love. 

The Acer Tataricum Ginnala is naturally dome-shaped in its young bush form and retains this pleasing shape as it grows to a maximum height of approximately eight metres.

Amur Maple Ginnala Hardiness Levels
Amur Maple Ginnala is one of the hardiest varieties of Acer available. It thrives in almost all conditions tolerating most soils and sun levels, but will do best when grown in free-draining soil with plenty of sunlight on its foliage.

How To Use Acer Tataricum Ginnala
Amur Maple Ginnala is a versatile tree that can be grown directly in the ground as a stunning specimen. Because it has relatively shallow roots compared to some native trees, it’s a good choice for areas with ground work or close to a building. 
Alternatively you can grow Acer Tataricum Ginnala in a large container to keep it relatively small and move it around your garden. All Maple trees look stunning by water. If you have a pond try growing Acer Tataricum Ginnala nearby. 
Another use for Acer Tataricum Ginnala is to plant individual specimens a few feet apart as a colourful deciduous hedge. 

How To Care For Your Amur Maple Ginnala
Amur Maple Ginnala performs well in most soils and situations but it does prefer sun or partial shade. If you can provide this you will be rewarded with an even more spectacular foliage display. 
Acidic or neural soils suit best as alkaline soil can impede Acer growth; however Acer Tataricum Ginnala is incredibly tolerant and will cope with most soil conditions. Mulch with organic matter for nourishment and you’ll reap the benefit of jewelled foliage from spring to late autumn.
 Younger plants also benefit from wind protection and shade from direct sun that can cause leaf scorch. 
If you want to grow your young Acer Tataricum Ginnala into a tree specimen you will need to chose a central leader stem and cut away all others to form a trunk. Bush specimens can be left alone, although it’s best to cut out any dead or crossing branches in winter. 

Amur Maple Ginnala is a real winner for the mid-sized garden. It’s a hardy, versatile and popular tree that’s worth its weight in gold for its fresh green spring display and fiery autumnal foliage. 

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