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Agapanthus Silver Moon - Variegated Agapanthus

Agapanthus Silver Moon or African Lily Silver Moon, a dwarf variety with variegated foliage
Agapanthus Silver Moon African Lily Silver Moon
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Plant variety: Thunder Storm

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 9507 64

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Agapanthus Silver Moon or African Lily Silver Moon
Agapanthus Silver Moon is a dwarf herbaceous perennial with stripy variegated foliage and pretty blue blooms. Agapanthus Silver Moon is also known as African Lily Silver Moon or Lily of the Nile Silver Moon. It’s a semi-deciduous plant originally from South Africa but grows well in the UK with some protection in the colder areas.
Agapanthus Silver Moon is known for its strappy variegated foliage that emerges each spring in an attractive clump. Flowers rise from the clump’s centre on long stems during summer. The blooms are trumpet-shaped lavender-blue shades with a delicate darker stripe and long stamens. 

Silver Moon is a freely flowering agapanthus that blooms throughout the summer months. It makes a lovely addition to a mixed border or container and dies back cleanly during winter. 

Height And Spread of Agapanthus Silver Moon
African Lily Silver Moon is a dwarf variety of agapanthus that grows up to a metre tall each year and spreads in a clump over 50cms. 

How Hardy Is Agapanthus Silver Moon
Variegated agapanthus is a hardy plant that dies back during winter and survives frosts if grown in freely draining soil. It is rarely bothered by pests and tolerates some drought. 

How To use Agapanthus Silver Moon
Agapanthus Silver Moon’s stripy foliage brightens a mixed border and covers bare soil. The pretty, upright flowers tower over the stripy leaves and are an attractive addition to any style of garden particularly when grown in a swathe. Check out our other types of agapanthus for a stunning en masse effect.  Agapanthus grows very well in containers and looks stylish placed on the front doorstep or decking. This is an excellent plant for windy & coastal gardens

How To Care For Agapanthus Silver Moon
Variegated African Lily needs a sunny spot to flower and will grow in any type of moist, free-draining soil. Allow the foliage to die back each year and mulch over during winter in colder areas.  If grown in a container African Lily needs plenty of water. Place containers against a wall or in a greenhouse over winter to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. 

More about Agapanthus on the blog. 

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