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Azalea Haru No Sono

Azalea Haru No Sono
Azalea Haru No Sono - evergreen, profuse flowering Satsuki azaleas
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Azalea Haru No Sono

Azalea Haru No Sono belongs to the legendary family of Satsuki Azaleas and Satsuki hybrids, carefully selected and bred for over hundreds of years by dedicated Japanese enthusiasts. In the Western hemisphere, Satsuki Azaleas such as Azalea Haru No Sono are mainly used as garden azaleas.

Azalea Haru No Sono is an evergreen shrub very compacted with a nice rounded form. In is a low growing azalea with an attractive spread. In late spring, its lovely light pink flowers, which include several colour variations of pale pink, burst into bloom creating an exciting exhibition, bustling the garden along into summer.  

When in flower, Azalea Haru No Sono is a most spectacular feature in mixed borders, where it fits in wonderfully, given its low-growing tendancies. 

As it lends itself well to shaping and clipping, Azalea Haru No Sono can be shaped into a bonsai-style shrub to create a striking garden focal point.

Azalea works well as a plant for containers (use an ericaceous slow release fertilizer once a year).

In terms of aspect, Azalea Haru No Sono prefers partial shade or full sun and as with most azaleas likes acidic, moist, free-draining soil.

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