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Buddleja Davidii Ile De France Butterfly Bush

Buddleja Davidii Ile de France, deep purple flowers on long elegant racemes from July to September. Flowers adored by butterflies.
Buddleja Davidii Ile de France, deep purple flowers on long elegant racemes from July to September
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Height Excluding Pot:
1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 4953 2
Price: £85.00
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Buddleja Davidii Ile de France is an older French variety of Buddleja Davidii, introduced in the 1930s and is still found in many UK gardens. It is commonly known as Butterfly Bush Ile de France and produces long-lasting cones of deep purple flowers each spring. The deciduous fragrant butterfly bush is one of the best plants for attracting bees and butterflies, and as the name suggests, Butterfly Bush Ile de France is particularly attractive to many species of UK butterfly.

In spring Buddleja Davidii Ile de France will grow fresh new foliage that shoots along the stem and branches in light green splashes. This rapidly grows to form pointed, oval leaves which are lighter beneath and have attractive veined markings. Following foliage long racemes of pretty purple flowers burst through in drooping conical sprays. Each spray is made from hundreds of tiny individual flowers. It will repeat flower throughout July and into September.  In winter the leaves fall to reveal a pale stem and branched framework that peels and cracks to add winter interest. 

Height and Spread of Buddleja Davidii Ile de France
The Davidii Buddlejas are mid-sized with a compact habit, and Ile de France will grow to 3.5m tall with its arching branches reaching the same width.

How Hardy Is Buddleja Davidii Ile de France
All buddleja plants are hardy and this variety is no exception surviving sub zero temperatures with ease. It will thrive as long as it feet are not waterlogged. Its pointed leaves and blooms are able to withstand coastal sprays too. 

How To Use Buddleja Davidii Ile de France
This is the perfect Buddleja for a low maintenance garden as it requires barely any care. Gardeners hoping to attract wildlife should always include a buddleia and this variety has the RHS Perfect for Pollinators title as it attracts a wide variety of butterflies, bees, hoverflies and other winged pollinators. If you have a bare outdoor space, such as a newly built urban garden, Buddleja Davidii Ile de France will swiftly inject some growth and colour as it’s a pretty, fast-growing shrub that produces flowers in the first year. 

How To Care For Buddleja Davidii Ile de France
Butterfly Bush Davidii Ile de France is particularly low maintenance. It will grow in any well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. It will grow faster and bloom brighter in fertile soils, but it will grow well in chalk and clay too. Buddleia can make a home anywhere. 
Deadhead the blooms as they turn brown to encourage more flowers and give it a thick layer of mulch in spring to ensure lots of healthy flowers. 
Remember to prune this buddleja back to a few inches from the ground each March as it grows best on new wood and can get unruly without a hard annual prune. It will re-grow to a height of several metres each year. 

The Buddleja Davidii Ile de France is a favourite with low maintenance gardeners who love colour and have a soft spot for butterflies. Its splash of bright colour and easy-to-grow habit makes it a top addition to all types of urban and countryside gardens.