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Betula Jacquemontii Multistemmed Birch

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Himalyan Birch Tree Multistemmed with autumn coloured foliage - for sale online at our London garden centre, UK delivery. Betula Jacquemontii, Multistemmed Silver Birch, London UK - for sale at our london garden centre & online. Betula Jacquemontii, Multistem Tree, for sale London & UK.
Betula Jacquemontii Multi stemmed Tree, Tree Specialists, North London UK
Himalayan Birch, Betula Jacquemontii or White Stem Birch multi stem trees
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Betula Jacquemontii Multi Stem trees are also referred to as Jacquemonts Birch also Himalayan Birch or White Stem Birch. This extremely hardy tree will beautify your garden with its stunning white bark year-round! These particular specimens are multi-stem trees, making the most of the beautiful white bark . 

Native to the Himalayas, Betula Jacquemontii was first discovered in Nepal in 1841, and has since become a garden favourite in the UK. It is most notable for its bright white bark, which some gardeners even wash to maintain its pure white appearance! When the bark peels back as the tree grows, a creamy pinkish layer is revealed. The yellow catkin flowers emerge first in the spring, followed by the 5 cm long ovate leaves, dark green in colour, with a lighter green underside which creates a shimmering effect in a breeze. The foliage of Himalayan Birch turns a bright golden yellow in the autumn. Once the leaves have fallen, the beautiful white bark will be a stand-out in your winter landscape. 

Fully hardy throughout the UK and northern Europe, Betula Jacquemontii Multi Stem tree will reach a full height of 12 metres and spread of 4-8 metres in a period of 20 to 50 years. After 10 years it will have reached a height of 3-4 metres. It can be pruned to grow with single central trunk or as a multi-stemmed specimen. Any pruning should be done in the winter during its dormant period. Himalayan Birch can be planted as close as 1metre apart. 

Jacquemonts Birch can be grown in full sun or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil in an exposed or sheltered location. They are not salt-tolerant and so are not suitable for coastal regions. A single specimen makes an excellent focal point in a small garden, where its graceful shape, attractive leaves, and outstanding bark will provide interest year-round. A Betula Jacquemontii Multi Stem tree is a great choice for an urban garden. Planted at the back of a mixed border, a Himalayan Birch can provide visual interest and a stunning backdrop for seasonal flowers as well as dappled shade for plants growing beneath. On a larger property, a clump of multi-stemmed Betula Jacquemontii will be a highlight in the landscape. Himalayan Birch is equally well-suited to an informal cottage garden or formal planting, and is an excellent choice for including in an ornamental woodland.

Betula Jacquemontii is a stunning addition to the landscape, and will be suitable for a smaller urban garden as well as a country property. Its brilliant white multi stem bark and graceful shape make it a winner!
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