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Betula Pendula Crispa Swedish Birch

Betula Pendula Crispa or Swedish Birch also  Betula pendula Laciniata, a medium sized tree with beautiful coloured foliage for autumn colour, buy online UK
Betula Pendula Crispa or Swedish Birch also Betula pendula Laciniata - showing off its beautiful colour
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Pot size: 80 Litres

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Betula Pendula Crispa Swedish Birch Tree
Betula Pendula Crispa or the Swedish Birch is sometimes also referred to as the Betula pendula Laciniata. A mid-sized deciduous tree, it is prized for its exceptional autumn colours and its graceful weeping habit. Award of Garden Merit (AGM) recipient for its outstanding garden performance.

The unusual bark of Swedish Birch is one of this tree’s best features. It appears in shades of white, pink or brown in colour. The bark readily peels away and each layer reveals various hues that are truly eye-catching. As the tree matures, dark fissures develop along the crust that further accentuates the bark’s unique shades.

In the spring months, male and female catkins open on the tree before the foliage emerges. The leaves are feathery and add a touch of grace to its overall appearance. During the autumn, Betula Pendula Crispa puts on a golden show as its leaves turn brilliant yellow shades.

A fast-growing tree, Betula Pendula Crispa will generally attain a height of 7 meters with a canopy spread of 3 meters when it is approximately 20 years old. Its slender grace and weeping branch habits make it an ideal specimen tree.

Swedish Birch tolerates most soil types and is highly adaptable to its environment. Once established, it requires very little care to thrive and flourish. For optimum autumn colour, plant the Swedish Birch in a location that receives full sun. It will also tolerate partial shade but its yellow autumn colours may not be as brilliant as they would be if the tree was planted in a full sun. In areas with high winds, it is best to plant the Betula Pendula Crispa in a relatively sheltered location. Ideally, an east-facing, south-facing or west-facing area where it receives adequate light is a perfect planting site. Choose a planting location that is well-draining with evenly moist soil. Prior to planting, add organic matter to the soil to naturally fertilize the tree’s root system and encourage ample growth. Keep the soil around the tree moist but not overly wet during the first year to create ample root growth. Once the tree is established, it is moderately drought tolerant. See also Betula Pendula Purpurea and Betula Pendula.

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