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Cornus Alba Sibirica Siberian Dogwood

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Siberian dogwood foliage in Spring, bright red stems and lime green leaves, buy UK
Cornus Alba Sibirica or Siberian Dogwood for Sale Online from our UK garden nursery.
Cornus Alba Sibirica bright red stems in winter
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 10 Litres

Hedge Guide: 3 Plants/Mtr

Plant ID: 4809 64

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Cornus Alba Sibirica also known as Siberian Dogwood is a popular tree or shrub and a real winter pleasure. It has one of the brightest barks in winter, as it blazes with vivid red colour when exposed to the sun. Siberian Dogwood is not fussy about soil and is easy to cultivate and maintain. The previous season’s vivid growth is cut back each year to form a thicket of crimson stems that naturally expands by layering. 

While Cornus Alba Sibirica is prized for its vibrant coloured bark that can blaze orange-red and yellow, it has many other decorative attributes. So much so, that many homeowners plant Siberian Dogwoods as a focal point on their lawns because of their ornamental value. In addition to attractive bark colour, Siberian Dogwood produces small creamy white flowers in spring. They appear in flat-topped clusters measuring about two inches each. The large foliage is a grey-green with white margins which turn a vibrant reddish purple in autumn. Clusters of bluish-white fruits emerge during late summer. The fruits have as much ornamental value as the flowers. They are also attractive to birds and pollinators. Red winter stems gradually turn darker as spring approaches. 

In terms of size, Siberian Dogwoods can grow to 10 feet tall. In terms of aspect, Dogwoods tolerate different types of soils and do well in open spaces where their stems look best during winter. If you are planning to plant a red-stemmed dogwood alongside a yellow or gold one for contrast, consider keeping them in matching groups rather than mixing them up.

Dogwood pruning should be carried out in spring to ensure a brighter display during winter. Prune the stems almost to ground level to encourage new shoots to emerge. The new shoots can grow over four feet tall during spring and summer. The fresh growth provides a vibrant colour the following winter. 

Cornus alba Sibirica is a Tatarian Dogwood cultivar with brilliant red stems in winter that provide an attractive display on sunny winter days, even further embellished when there is snow on the ground. This is fast growing, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub that requires minimal maintenance. The tree grows well in organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Consider trimming your Siberian Dogwood roots with a spade regularly to remove unwanted root suckers.

For the best displays, Cornus Alba Sibirica should be grown with full exposure to the sun or partly shaded. Although the tree can tolerate a wide range of soils, it should be planted in moist, well-drained soil. Young stems often have the most vivid and impressive colours. 

We deliver Siberian Dogwood throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

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