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Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea or Golden Indian Bean Tree

Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea or Golden Indian Bean Tree
Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea or Golden Indian Bean Tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Plant shape: ½ standard

Pot size: 12 Litres

Plant ID: 3369 65

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Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea or Golden Indian Bean Tree
Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea is the golden version of the original green-leaved Catalpa Bignonioides. Commonly known as the golden Indian Bean Tree, Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea is a small, deciduous ornamental tree with beautiful golden foliage, showy white flowers that are colour-splashed with purple and orange. As if this is not already impressive enough, in autumn it produces long, slim seed pods resembling exotic vanilla pods.
Although a late leafer, the large golden leaves of Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea with their romantic heart shapes dramatically burst out onto the branches with their exuberant yellow colour. The lighter yellow leaves of Aurea turn an almost translucent light green as summer advances, taking on a beautiful hue as the foliage seems to shimmer in the summer sun. Then along comes the profuse panicles of white orchid-like flowers, irregularly splashed with vivid purple and orange. This is then followed by the characteristic vanilla-like seed pods, dangling dramatically if rather languidly from the branches. 
In terms of aspect, the golden Indian Bean Tree will thank you for a spot in full sun. The Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea tree is adored by bees.
If you have a smaller space, catalpa bignonioides trees including the variety Aurea can be pollarded so they can be happily kept to whatever size you require. 
Although quite fast growing while young, the growth rate of Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea slows down dramatically as the tree matures. We have rare mature specimens available to buy online, already 5 metres tall with a lovely spreading crown that is circa 2 metres wide. The clear stem is 2.3 metres long and the bark has a 35 cm girth.

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