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Campanula Blue Clips

Campanula Blue Clips. Carpathian Bellflower Blue Clips for sale online with UK delivery.
Campanula Blue Clips flowers
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Height Excluding Pot:
10cm (0ft 3)

Pot size: 0.5 Litres
Plant ID: 7707 1
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Campanula Blue Clips or Carpathian Bellflower Blue Clips
A variety of Campanula, Carpathian Bellflower Blue Clips is a flowering perennial with brilliant, deep blue blossoms. Easy to care for and with a long flowering season, this perennial is a great choice as an edging plant or a front row plant in herbaceous borders. In the summer and all through to late autumn, this compact perennial is enveloped by masses of clear blue flowers. Raising from clumps of foliage, the flowers are, as the name suggests, bell-shaped and 5-petalled. Although the narrow leaves with ruffled edges are not in the centre of attention, they provide a beautiful green backdrop for the bountiful blossoms. The flowers are attractive to beneficial insects, and they earned this perennial the Perfect for Pollinators Badge by Royal Horticultural society. 
Tough and versatile, Carpathian Bellflower Blue Clips thrives in moist, well-drained soil and in full sun to partial shade. This variety of Campanula is not particularly fussy about the location, but make sure to provide it with good drainage, especially during the winter.
Native to the Carpathian Mountains of central Europe, Campanula Blue Clips is fully hardy in most areas in the UK. Although generally resistant to pest and diseases, this flowering perennial might be affected by slugs and snails. In case you have problems with slugs in your garden, you can prevent them from damaging the flowers and the foliage by setting beer traps or copper wires around the plants.
Low growing, with a clump-forming habit, this cultivar stays compact even when fully mature. It’s expected height and width are below 50 centimetres. Vigorous and fast-growing, this cultivar of Carpathian Bellflower requires no maintenance to stay in great shape. The foliage naturally forms a compact mound. To prolong the blossoming seasons and encourage profuse flowering, deadhead the plant in the early spring. 
Treasured for its profusion of long-lasting, blue flowers, this perennial is often planted in mixed perennial borders. With a prolonged flowering season and abundant blossoms, it adds colour and brightness to the garden. Planted en masse, Campanula Blue Clips makes a wonderful ground cover.

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