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Carpinus Betulus Pendula Weeping Hornbeam

Carpinus Betulus Pendula, Weeping Hornbeam, a dwarf deciduous hornbeam with steeply pendant branches.
Carpinus Betulus Pendula Weeping Hornbeam, a dwarf variety
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.75-2m (5ft 8-6ft 6)

Pot size: 45 Litres

Plant ID: 7831 64

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Carpinus Betulus Pendula or Weeping Hornbeam is dwarf form of our native Hornbeam Tree which makes an excellent tree for smaller spaces. Highly ornamental and a good deciduous shade tree, it will suit a variety of gardens!

Betulus Pendula is a large tree native to the UK and much of Europe, and grows to a great size. Carpinus Betulus Pendula is a dwarf weeping cultivar which was developed in France in 1850, and can be used in smaller spaces with great success. In early spring, first the catkins emerge. Then the ovoid, bright green leaves emerge, up to 10 cm in length, covering the drooping branches, and turning first yellow and then orange for a brilliant show in autumn. In winter, the graceful, drooping form of the bare branches adds visual interest.

Height & Spread:
Hardy in all regions of the UK, this dwarf variety Carpinus Betulus Pendula will grow to just 3 metres high and 2 metres wide in 10 years, reaching a mature height of 3-4 metres and spread of 4-5 metres. Weeping Hornbeam trees can be very long-lived, lasting for several generations. It is easy to remove new growth to maintain a smaller size tree if desired by pruning in late winter.

Plant Weeping Hornbeam in full sun or partial shade in any soil type. It will tolerate both wetter and drier conditions, making it a versatile plant that will fit in a variety of spots! Hornbeam trees do not tolerate salt, so should not be planted where they would be exposed to sea winds. However, Carpinus Betulus Pendula will thrive in polluted environments, so is very well-suited to use in city gardens. Deer do not feed on Hornbeam, so there is no need for special protection when it is planted on country properties.

Carpinus Betulus Pendula is small enough to work well as a planting on a roof garden, where it can provide an excellent privacy screen and shade in the summer months. It makes an excellent specimen as a focal point in a lawn, where its autumn colours will show to advantage. A row of Carpinus Betulus Pendula make an attractive screen which can be pruned to shape. It works well in a woodland garden.

The graceful shape and attractive foliage of Carpinus Betulus Pendula will make it welcome addition to a UK garden- shade in summer, colour in autumn, and an interesting form year-round make it a great choice!

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