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Cornus Controversa Giant Dogwood

Cornus Controversa Giant Dogwood Tree
Giant Dogwood Tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.5-3m (8ft 2-9ft 10)

Pot size: 90 Litres

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Cornus Controversa is a large ornamental tree with tiered branches that is perfect for low-maintenance, wildlife-friendly spaces. Cornus Controversa trees are commonly called giant dogwood trees. They originate from the Himalayas, China and Japan but have grown well in the UK since the late 18th century.

In spring this deciduous tree grows ovate green leaves on horizontally tiered branches. In May these sweeping, tiered branches hold 18 cm wide clusters of flat-headed, star-shaped cream flowers that attract all kinds of pollinators. The pretty, scented flowers mature in small black fruits during autumn.
As winter approaches its spectacular tiered foliage turns all shades of orange, red and purple before falling with the frosts. During winter the striking shape of Cornus Controversa gives architectural height and structure to a bare garden.

Height and Spread of Cornus Controversa
Cornus Controversa is a fast-growing deciduous tree that will reach a height of 15 metres and spread over the same distance. It’s best suited to medium or large gardens.

How Hardy Is Cornus Controversa
Dogwoods are by nature very hardy and Cornus Controversa can withstand temperatures down to –15 degrees if its roots are well-drained. It is drought tolerant and fairly pest resistant once established.

How To Use Cornus Controversa
A giant dogwood is the perfect specimen tree for larger open spaces. Its architectural form and interesting colours fill a garden all year round and provide a habitat and food source for wildlife.
We also sell Cornus Controversa Variegata, more commonly called the Wedding Cake Tree, and Cornus Controversa Pagoda. If you have a large space they look spectacular planted side by side.
Giant dogwood grows quickly so it’s best to make sure the planting area will support a large tree even after a few years.

How To Care For Cornus Controversa
Giant dogwood is tough and hardy in low temperatures but cold drying winds can damage its spectacular foliage, stripping it before the autumn colours have a chance to appear.
Plant yours in a sheltered spot in full sun for the best colours, although it will grow happily in partial shade too. Pruning is not necessary.
Giant dogwood prefers well-drained fertile soil but will tolerate most types. They are not too keen on alkaline conditions and will grow more slowly in chalky soils.
Water Cornus Controversa well until it's established and add a thick layer of mulch in the springtime for extra nutrients and healthy growing season.

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