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Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls

Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls, deciduous shrub. Eastern Redbud Ruby Falls for sale online with UK delivery
Cercis Canadensis Ruby Fall foliage
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Plant shape: Feathered

Pot size: 20 Litres

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Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls

The Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls, also known as the Cercis Ruby Falls or the Eastern Redbud Ruby Falls, is a small ornamental deciduous flowering tree that has a weeping growth habit. It is a F2 hybrid that was cultivated from a cross between Covey redbud also known as Lavender Twist and the Cercis Canadensis Forest Pansy redbud. Ruby Falls inherited the best of both its parent trees. From the Covey redbud it gets its weeping growth habits and it features the deep, dark ruby-purple leaf colour of the Forest Pansy. The Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls was first cultivated by U.S. breeder Dr. Dennis Werner on behalf of the North Carolina State University. 

Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls grows to a height of almost 2m and has a canopy width of up to 2.5m. The tree’s canopy is pendulous with zig-zagging branch growth that gives it a cascading appearance. 

Often the Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls is the first tree in the garden to start displaying flowers. The tree’s blossoms appear on the bare branches as tiny bright pink-purple pea-like flowers. As the tree matures, flowers even appear on the tree’s trunk. The dainty flowers persist on the tree for two to three weeks. They attract a wide assortment of pollinators to the garden. After the flowers start to fade, the tree begins to produce foliage. During the mid-summer months, small seed pods form which are a favourite food source for birds, squirrels and other animals. 

The leaves of Eastern Redbud Ruby Falls are every bit as beautiful and visually pleasing as the tree’s flowers. Each leaf is uniquely heart-shaped. In the spring, they appear in shades of ruby-purple. As the leaves unfurl they take on a deep purple hue. By mid-summer the leaves are a deep, dark green colour. When autumn arrives, the tree’s foliage takes on a brilliant yellow colouration. 

Cercis Ruby Falls ever-changing colours make it a wonderful focal point specimen for any garden. The compact growth habit helps it fit into even a small garden area.  It grows well in full or partial sun. The tree has a moderate growth rate. It tolerates a wide range of soil types and is fairly hardy. When first planted, it likes to be kept moist, but once established it can withstand periods of drought. It is highly disease resistant and grows well with only minimal care. The tree may benefit from staking when first planted in areas of high wind. 

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