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Cercis Canadensis Texensis Traveller

Cercis Canadensis Texensis Traveller Texas Redbud, is a small compact, weeping deciduous tree with heart-shaped foliage and masses of showy pink spring blossoms
Cercis Canadensis Texensis Traveller Texas Redbud, is a small compact, weeping tree with masses of showy pink spring blossoms
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.75-2m (5ft 8-6ft 6)

Plant shape: FEATHERED

Pot size: 20 Litres

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Cercis Canadensis Texensis Traveller or Texas Redbud Traveller is a small compact, weeping deciduous tree with heart-shaped foliage and masses of showy spring blossoms. As it can be confusing, perhaps it is worth clarifying that Cercis canadensis var. texensis is known as the Texas Redbud as opposed to Cercis canadensis var. canadensis which is the Eastern Redbud.

In the spring, even before the foliage unfolds, clusters of striking, rosy-pink flowers envelop the hanging branches. The profusion of blossoms is followed by dark seed pods that persist on the tree through to winter. The glossy, deciduous foliage emerges reddish, but as the heart-shaped leaves mature, they first turn to dark green and then to yellow and chartreuse hues in the autumn.

Height and Spread of Cercis Canadensis Texensis Traveller
This cultivar is a dwarf variety, which means it will stay compact even when fully mature. With a slow to medium growth rate, Weeping Texas Redbud will reach just 1.5 metres in height with a 2 metre spread.

How Hardy Is Cercis Canadensis Texensis Traveller
Naturally occurring in Texas (hence the name), Oklahoma, and Mexico, Weeping Texas Redbud prefers warmer climates. This small deciduous tree is hardy in the United Kingdom, but it will appreciate a sheltered position in the garden, away from cold winds.

How To Use Cercis Canadensis Texensis Traveller
Unlike most weeping trees, Texas Redbud Traveller is quite compact, which makes it ideally suited for small gardens. Due to its showy appearance and the multiple seasons of interest this lovely cultivar offers, it would do well as a feature plant for the landscape. The dramatic and elegant weeping habit will add a touch of drama to the garden and be the focus of interest, particularly early in the spring when the tree is engulfed in pink blossoms. Weeping Texas Redbud also looks quite striking in a mixed border, especially if paired with lush evergreen shrubs that would accentuate its best qualities.

How To Care For Cercis Canadensis Texensis Traveller
While it might be adapted to the heat and drought typical of its native habitat, Texas Redbud Traveller does not stand wet soils. To ensure this highly-decorative deciduous tree thrives in your garden, plant it in any nutrient-rich, well-drained soil, and in full sun to dappled shade. Its natural pendulous form does not require pruning to stay in shape.

An ideal candidate to be used as a focus of interest in smaller gardens, Texas Redbud Traveller is a dwarf weeping cultivar that offers year-round interest. Whether grown on its own, or as an addition to a mixed border or foundation bed, this lovely cultivar is bound to be in the center of attention.

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