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Coronilla Emerus

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Coronilla Emerus is also known as Hippocrepis Emerus or Scorpion Senna, yellow flowering throughout the summer. Buy online UK delivery.
Coronilla Emerus is known as Scorpion Senna or Hippocrepis Emerus. Buy flowering shrubs online UK delivery.
Coronilla Emerus flowering
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Coronilla Emerus, often referred to as Hippocrepis Emerus or Scorpion Senna, is a dense, hardy deciduous shrub well known for its bright yellow flowers that last for months from late spring persisting throughout the summer. 
These bright yellow flowers appear in May and last the whole summer, often finishing with the first frosts. They look much like pea flowers, but are a golden yellow and carry a sweet fragrance in their small clusters. These umbels hang approximately two centimetres from slender stalks. After flowering the pale yellow flowers turn into ten centimetre long slim green pods that resemble a scorpion’s tail. 
Coronilla Emerus foliage is deciduous, emerging with the warm spring weather. Leaves are bright green, pinnate-shaped that measure roughly six centimetres. 
Overall, Hippocrepis Emerus will reach a bushy height of two metres and spread over the same distance. Its flowers attract many pollinators and its dense, bushy habit proves habitats for small mammal and insects. 

How Hardy Is Coronilla Emerus?
Coronilla Emerus is hardy in most UK places, withstanding temperatures down to minus 15, but it may not survive exposed sites in very central or northern areas. If you plan to grow Scorpion Senna in a northern climate it is best to keep it in a sheltered spot. 

How To Use Coronilla Emerus
The bright foliage, fragrant flowers and interesting seed pods of Scorpion Senna fit well in any type of garden. Those who like flowers will appreciate the blooms and those who favour structure will enjoy the bushy mid-height branch-work and architectural seed pods. 
It looks good grown at the back of a mixed flower border, or as a specimen shrub on the lawn. You can grow Coronilla Emerus in a large container even training it against a trellis if you provide sufficient water and food in the hot spells. 
Scorpion Senna’s bright green foliage and yellow flowers mix well with white shrubs and climbers, with its blooms often outlasting its neighbours. 

How To Care For Coronilla Emerus
Scorpion Senna grows best in fertile, well-drained soil of any pH and will cope well with clay, chalk or loam soils. Full sun or partial shade suits this glorious shrub best. It’s especially attractive with the morning and evening sun glowing on its flower-heads. To get the best flowers, mulch yearly and water in hot spells. 
Coronilla Emerus does need some shelter from drying winds particularly tender young shrubs, but once established they need little maintenance. You can cut leggy plants back to the base to rejuvenate them, or prune them yearly to maintain a good shape.

Coronilla Emerus is a good choice for a wildlife-friendly, gardener that appreciates an attractive but low-maintenance shrub. 

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Scorpion Senna Yellow Flowering in April

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